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Thanks so much, it works amazingly now :)

I bought the game on android the other day and I've been having a lot of fun solving the puzzles in it. I've had one issue though - the automatic rotation is very quick to turn and ignores my device rotation lock setting, so I can't play it in bed because it turns on its side. Would this problem be simple enough to fix? Thanks again for the great game :)

Very fun little puzzle game, I really enjoyed this one. In later levels the game can get very crowded, I think an easy way to improve this slightly would be to highlight new "spawners" that are appearing with a box or something.

Fun game, nice idea behind it.

Fun little game, had a fair amount of input lag. The collisions weren't amazing either. I like the idea behind the game though, and once I got used to the lag it was quite fun to play!

Fun little game, nicely polished. I liked the UI and art style.