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Just a couple things I'd like to say myself.

1. Is there any way to bind controls to mouse buttons? I'm quite fond of having my jump on LMB and crouch on RMB in games like this, and I haven't found a way to make this happen in this game yet.

2. Trying to rebind the 'reset' key softlocks the program (not sure if it's actually a hardlock; you  can move the mouse but you can't interact with anything or exit the keybind mode). It doesn't seem like trying to rebind anything else does this.

3. Is there a version of this available for Linux?

This is a great game! I hope to see more work done on it!

Ye, seems like it. I just got a little concerned seeing stuff like this.

After a friendo had a look-see, they didn't see any network calls, concerning file writes, or anything definitely out of the ordinary. He was confused as to why it was making calls to the Windows crypto API, though.

So... potentially a false positive?