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This demo is an absolute must-play for any indie horror enthusiast. The pixel graphics, animation, music + story is S-Tier and I'm super excited for the full release.

Gameplay video below:

This is a MUST-PLAY if you're a fan of horror games. Amazing visuals, great sound design. Solid 9.5/10!
Here's my playthrough:

Crazy fever dream mixed with an escape room and you get Rooted In Darkness. Solid experience - love the visuals. I want more. Can't wait for more games like this!
Here's my playthrough:

Fantastic instalment in the Chilla's Art franchise. Get ready for an eerie horror experience with this one.
Here's my playthrough:

This may be the MOST cursed Spongebob game yet..
Check it out here:

If you love games like Outlast, this is a MUST-PLAY! This is an incredibly polished demo and I can't WAIT until the full release.
Here's my playthrough:

This game was trending #1 for a reason. Play this game. It's fantastic.
Here's my playthrough:

This was the best Spongebob Horror game I've ever played. Solid game! Loved every minute of it!
Here's my playthrough:

Really enjoyed this short indie horror game. Wish it was longer! Great tension! Here's my playthrough (game at 22:33)

Great short indie horror experience! Really loved the atmosphere in this one! Here's my playthrough: (game at 10:37)

Great short indie horror experience! Really loved the atmosphere in this one! Here's my playthrough: (game at 17:13)

Great short indie horror experience! Really loved the atmosphere in this one! Here's my playthrough:

This is a really fun (and very short) indie horror game made by the Bendy Dev. I highly recommend checking this out as it's such a fun little gem with a cool self-aware perspective on the mascot horror genre. Can't wait for a sequel!

I always love a Zed Technician game and this one is no different. It stays true to the original but takes a bit of a new twist on the night. Solid game as always. Worth the purchase.
Here's my playthrough:

Finally beat Chapter 3! What a GAME!
Oh my god, don't think about this game - buy it.
Check out my playthrough here:

Just finished Chapter 2 and this game continues to keep me on the edge-of-my-seat! Chapter 2 is even BETTER than Chapter 1.
Check it out here:

Great short indie horror. Had some minor issues with the dishes but overall a fun horror experience.
Here's my playthrough:

Great short indie horror experience! Eerie atmosphere combined with ominous visuals made for an awesome scary game!
Check out my playthrough here:

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This is one of the BEST and unique Horror Games I have ever played. This is a very rare 10/10 games!
Cannot wait for more! Here's my playthrough of Chapter 1:

Pretty neat game using the looping hallway mechanics. Definitely scared me once or twice. Looking forward to more from the dev!
Here's my playthrough:

This was AWESOME! Be sure to download this game and try it out for yourself. There is so much potential for this game! Solid 9/10!
Here's my playthrough:

Fantastic short indie horror experience. Always great to see Jason back at Crystal Lake. Also super spicy intro to the game lol. Solid 8.5/10. Here's my playthrough:

Loved this game! Reminded me a lot of Event Horizon! Solid 8.5/10!
Here's my playthrough:

This was an excellent introduction into what the full game will be. Can't wait for more, loved every minute of it. Solid 8.5/10. Here's my playthrough:

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REALLY liked this cool take on GoldenEye! Would love to experience multiple maps and find more lore!
*Permission granted to use video playthrough for social media*

Really neat indie horror demo (just wish it was longer!) Looking forward to more jumpscares and puzzles.
Feel free to check out my playthrough and use it for social media if you want.

Really great game! I like the graphics and the characters and of course the secret of the house... 7/5/10.
Permission granted to use video for media purposes.

This was a fantastic short indie horror game. Lots of really cool elements and jumping through various times to tie the story together. Solid 8/10. Permission granted to use my video for social media purposes.

Thank you so much! Can’t wait for more games from you! Feel free to share the video on the game page or Twitter if you want. 
Best of luck on the future!

REALLY awesome and fun game! Great dialogue!

I loved all the multiple endings (we got all 3!) Solid 8.5/10

Really cool short indie horror game! I love the style and wish it were a bit longer. Tons of potential here! 8.5/10 Game @ 30:35 in video.

A short fun indie horror. Hard + Nightmare modes were impossible for me but hilarious to play! 6/10 Game @ 17:05 in video.

Very eerie and surreal game that I really enjoyed! 7/10!

Another excellent horror adventure from Zed Technician. I liked this one for the various gameplay elements - I only wish it was harder! 7.5/10!

This was a really awesome Lovecraftian short horror game! ETA like 25mins? Overall great experience and would love to play more! 9/10.

Fantastic and HARD game! Great to see a horror game stepping outside the box. Solid 8.5/10

Love the new secret endings and the ability to explore! We got all the endings & secrets! Solid 9.5/10!

Hey Puppyjoe,
Just tried the game out and it's very reminiscent of FlappyBird crossed over with Boo from Mario - neat concept! I like the ability of blowing out candles and having to acquire the gusts of wind to do so.
Some minor feedback:
- Add in some threats to the character (including lit candles)
- Have the main Start/End Screen start on the "Start Game" being lit up.
- Adjust the sensitivity of the player controls a bit, I found it a bit too high to gain control.
- Make the main character a little bit bigger as it's a large area.
Overall, I like the noir art style, and I can see the game developing! Keep going!

Very solid demo experience! Fun short indie horror game (about 20 mins) which definitely feels like there's a lot more to explore in the full game! 7.5/10