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Finally! The wait has been TORTURE YOU SADIST! I love your work. 🥰

UGH. Torture. This post is pure and unadulterated torture. least there is a light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. I am really craving to read a good otome. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to read it. 

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Ari is a knightly character and in more ways than one. It was hard not liking him.  Thank you so much for bringing joy to many people when reading your stories. ❤

My favorite routes so far are Caleb and Ariel, but I have always been interested in finding out more about Yuu so can't wait. Yay!

Okay.  I am new to the whole idea, but I heard about "keys"  and wanted to know more about them, but that is fine. If it is  not done by everyone then I'll do that then. Thanks. 

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Hello. I was wondering since the date is getting closer if there is a possibility that If we could purchase game keys (if possible) and where would we go to purchase them for Steam. I would like to buy one so I can give it away. If not no worries. I noticed people sometimes do that on steam, but I am not sure how they do it so I thought I'd ask and maybe get some info on it. 

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LOL I am just kidding. I know you have things sorted, but I still wouldn't mind out of love of what I can see right now....unless you really need me, but it looks like you got everything under control. If I was to be granted the honor of being a beta tester I would consider it a serious job because I would know how I would feel if I was in another person's shoes. In all honesty, my comment was really meant to be a roundabout way of expressing my excitement. So, hopefully it wasn't annoying. I like to joke, but my underlining sincerity is genuine when breaking past the layers. 

I am sorry to hear you have been sick. If you need more beta testers I happily offer myself up for the sacrifice. =D

I agree and also wish Calipa was romanceable. I don't swing that way, but for the first time I actually considered it. 😁

The one and only true route is Dr. Shippe. Sadly, it has not been written. 

Awesome! So exciting. I already have my eye on a couple of routes. Glad to hear things are going well. Looking forward to it. Cheers! 😊

Yes, the errors have been fixed. Thank you. 😊

I can't seem to download it. 

Thanks for the tidbit! I anxiously wait for the release, but I know you are working hard and it will be done when it is done.  Can't help but squeal a little in excitement though. 😁

I am still anxiously waiting.  😍

Makes you hope there will be a sequel huh? I know I am hoping. T_T

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It is hard to see, but at the bottom middle of the screen there is this little dot of light which if you click will open the menu and the key thingy that you can click. From there if you change your clothes the dialogue will go on as if you purchased them after your chosen beau says, " huh?"

Oh. Thanks! =)

Is this project dead or something. 

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I don't want to split hairs, but it is difficult to download the app and my anti-virsus is very sceptical of the files. When I download it directly from the itch page it says that this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website. Also when I download it through zip files my anti-virus says that Cinderella is trying to gain/change my LOG.TXT file in my desktop. So, just letting you know. I am not computer tec savy and I am sure some of the others are not either which may frusterate some users trying to figure this out and, finally, play it after this huge long wait. T_T. 

Yep. No worries. Stay safe and healthy!

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It really depends on the context. Why is Arya angry? Well, anyway, with the limited information I would probably talk it over with him and criticise him for being so angry at me when I probably wouldn't intentionally try to hurt someone's feelings or upset them. After all, if he is angry he probably didn't talk it over with me which failed to give me the change to change things or make it up to him. This is just me and probably very vanilla, but I don't know the context. 

If he is mad at me over something silly, but annoying. I might act cute and suck up a little. 

If he is mad at something serious (heaven forbid!) I might hang my head in shame and give him some space. 

I understand. I am just looking forward to reading it when it finally comes out and it is nice to have a little bit of a hint of when that could be so thanks for what you can offer in regards to that question. 

Just out of curiosity. Do you have an estimation on the release date? I'd like to know when it is possible to look forward to this game. Thanks. 

I think D is really nice. It is still mythical, but not too obvious. 

So, basically, this is getting much closer to being finished every day?

LOL...I don't know...I just finished reading up to the end of this demo and I feel like the wait is even going to be MORE torturous now. Nah it's fine. It's really good, but alas the more delicious tidbits we get will only make the wait harder. 😭 Just being complimentary in a really round about way. It is easy to tell there is a lot of hard work going into it. I understand it takes time too. Painful as it may be. Thanks again and looking foward to the end. 😊

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Nope. I don't believe it. I bet you only show us a couple of additional lines just to torture our poor souls so when it does finally come out we are all scrabbling like hyenas over scraps of food. 

I am just kidding...sort of. I am excited to see the final product and, of course, thankful for any additional updates even if it may prove torturous rather than to wait for the whole thing in its entirety. 

Love your work and cannot wait for the final release. 😊

Are you planning a sequel?

I will be anxiously awaiting for when more of the story is ready! Thank you very much!

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I found a huge glitch. It happens right after you meet one of the guys and they walk you home and the game just suddenly ends. Anyway, jokes aside, can't wait for when the rest of it is finished. Thanks!

Scary. I hope everyone was safe. 

Thank goodess it was recoverable. Horrifying. Just thinking about that possibility stresses me out. Whew. Glad you have copies. 

Can't wait to see the final release. Take care!

Hello. I bought this game almost a year ago for 8 dollars. I can't remember now if it was 8.99 or just 8 dollars and I was under the impression that I bought the game at that price because it included the expansion pack because I could have bought it for $5 dollars at the time, but thought it more practical the other way. I seem to be unable/missing  it.  Also, I am not sure how to get the steam key through the download page. Thanks. 

So, is this game a dead one then? 

It has been while since I played the demo, but I liked the blue guy best at the moment. The red thief guy might end up being the best too.  I have to admit you gave blue guy quite the potty mouth. lol. It's all good. =)

I might have accidently deleted it since I have cleaning out my computer, but I got it now and activated it on steam. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the next one finished and posted on steam. =)

Uhm...not to be a bug...but I didn't get a steam key yet. My email is Please. It would be so awesome. Even though I have already played the game on itch, it would be cool to play it on steam too. 

Whew. I was a bit surprised and stoked, but thank you!