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Aura Stone

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What does 10 dollars +month mean. Does it mean you pay 10 dollars every month?

I agree even if the only thing you can do is estimate the year of release. lol.

Just wondering.

Of course. I want to beat my competition a bit and be one of the first people to review it. I loved the demo and am looking forward to being able to play the full game.  Thanks for responding. 

I am a curator in a small, but growing group and I found that this game was very well done. I'd like to put my stamp of approval on it, but I am not sure when it is coming out as I have been checking and there is no notice of it. Will it be out before the end of March?

Just wondering how long I might have to wait and look forward to this game. 

When I saw this I was like mermaids? cheesy, but it was surprisingly really good, funny, entertaining. When do you estimate it might be finished?

Alright, thanks. It looks promising. I cannot wait until it is ready to play. 

Hi, I just bought the game....apparently, but I am not sure if it is only available to play up to day three or if I am missing something. Can anyone help me?