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Err did you mean to put up the page without the game first or...=

Make the executables actually .exe files so they can run plz. Thanks.

This is purely based on what controller you have. Unity is known to be a bit of a Bitch when it comes to controller Support.

The Game Works fine on Mouse and Keyboard.

guess what. Actiblizz shut it down because all they care about is money, money, money and more money.

So no It's not probably gonna BE a continuation of the ORIGINAL plan. But honestly, I like that it's more of a spiritual Successor anyway, instead of it being what it was.

There is one issue that seems to have made the game unbeatable.

There is a death Plane in the small tunnel leading to one of the Areas you need to go.

If you could, I would definately suggest looking into this. While yes, it's pretty much a Spyro game just with a Bird main character..but it could potentially be way more if  it is given a proper chance. So please support the Dev.

Honestly,  a really nifty concept for a Spyro-like Platformer. Not alot of people use Birds as Platformer Protagonists especially not Phoenixes. I hope to see more of this, Keep up the good work. ^w^

As long as it's not anything Demeaning then...I guess sure.

Also as another note, I would also advise if you continue with the Project that you Optimize the game, because I have  a decent computer and yet the game was still causing my fans and Temperature to go crazy.

Who? Me?

This is for one to spyro 1 in some places...Not to mention you basically ripped (Or at the very least very painfully recreated) Krystal's Model from Dinosaur planet and slapped your own textures on it.

There REALLY isn't any gameplay aside from...collect  stuff..I guess? But I would prefer if you decide to work on this, to try and actually think of something at least somewhat orginal in terms of Level Design, instead of making Environments from Spyro 1 but just worse.

Thx for Informing me.

Unity Games cannot run with the EXE alone. pack the full game in a Zip

This is a neat Take on the Portal Concept. Though if I may make one critique, It would be to turn up the Mouse Sensitivity just a tad, as it was really slow to aim.

Game doesn't even Run.

Is it?

Why does the Windows version only have the Executable?

Though I do have one reasonable question out of curiousity:

What's the reason for the 7 dollar payment for the first chapter? ( I do not mean to be rude.  I just got this question from other people that I reccomended this to and I wanted to relay it to you.)

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Nice. And you're welcome for the feedback. Also check out the feedback I left in the Review at least for future reference. They're certainly not things you have to take into consideration right now. (Except for maybe the Mouse Locking thing)

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Okay... I got  a chance to play this's good and it has definite Promise. BUT.

There are some pretty big kinks that need to be Ironed out. First of all, the Ice Breath is Bugged and seems to not work after you Sprint all. I got stuck on the fight with with Seraphine  for a good bit because of that. (There's also a bug there where if you mash before the dialogue ends the game softlocks itself.

The other glitch that was even prevalent in the original Demo that I'm not sure if it's here too..but on certain surfaces it's WAY too easy to just fly against it and gain height and heavily sequence break the game, and speaking of the flying..I feel like there should've been a stamina Meter for it, because as it feels a bit..busted as I can kind of speed through certain sections very easily...And also the flight kind of makes getting onto smaller platforms a problem as I found that I tended to Overshoot them.

Also PLEASE...PLEASE set it so you can use both Control Keys to use the Ice Breath? It seriously threw me for a loop even more than the Sprint glitch did...or heck even have it set to Left Click, as it would be a bit more convenient that moving my pinky down to hit the control key anyway.

I don't mean to have this sound like I'm shitting on this...I'm not. But..Well honestly I might wanna save my COMPLETE thoughts on the game as a whole for a Review. This is meant to bring some issues I had with the gameplay itself to attention.

Hi Wii Tanks.

In all seriousness this looks nice, I may have to check this out later.

No problem.

Even from this short Demo, this game seems cute and interesting. Can't wait to see what the first chapter has to offer.

Could you please update this game so it's actually purcasable outside of the Charity bundle that's no longer obtainable?


I'll go ahead and follow you so I can see the update.

Yeah! And I don't think the Pause menu is even showing up if there is one, and this error constantly pops up in the Console:

ERROR: instance_set_transform: Condition "Math::is_nan(v.x)" is true.

   At: servers/visual/visual_server_scene.cpp:723

I'm playing in windowed mode with the downloaded thing from, I have several other controllers plugged in,  And I'm on Windows 10. If you need to know all of that.

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I'm on Windows and it was still doing it.

Can't see the game when I start it. It just black screens outside of the UI elements. Do you mind fixing this?

By Bagel do you mean it's round shaped?

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I was simply giving a bit of feedback based on the Video in that regard, also it is good that it at least is fixed in some form. ^.^

Also You  could just have a few of the changes show up in..I wanna say at least a world 1 Public Demo. That's..just my thought process on it though.

Some of the animations seem to be a bit..quick. I'm talking specifically the Falling animation. I'm not saying there's anything particularly wrong with that but I would personally add either a few more frames to the animation or keep it still like I would assume the other characters have. That aside I probably should get back to this. I kind of dropped it because I wasn't sure if the Catbird sequence was nerfed.

Honestly, this game..actually kind of left me wanting more after the Ending, Maybe a bit of an Expansion on the mechanics and make some other general Improvements in a Sequel? I kind of want to see more of this instead of it just being a simple one off thing..though I suppose it would still be fine if it was just a small one off thing.

Hopefully too.

Ah. Alright. Good to know. And you're welcome.

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You should make a full game as an example of this system.

Though there are also things you can probably touch up about this Controller such as the character being knocked out of the center when you run into objects.

I would want to play this..but everytime I try to...No buttons seem to DO anything...

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*Plays game*

*Can't even get past the tutorial despite you correcting it because no matter what I do none of the controls even work*

...good games...