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I had this issue. It's something to do with Chrome blocking it for some reason. I tried downloading it in a different browser (Firefox) and it downloaded just fine.

Ooo I was looking forward to his route! Can't wait to play it!

Ooo, I can't wait! I'm looking forward to learning more about the androids!

Ah well, the demo worked fine through Proton, so I'll just play the full game that way, as well.

Playing the demo again got me very excited for the full game! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.

This is so exciting! I'll be playing on a Steam Deck, so I'll probably buy on Steam, but I just wanted to say congratulations on the new release! I got Changeling in a bundle a couple years ago and it's one of my favorite VNs!

I was wondering, there will be a Linux version, right? I know some games just have the Linux version bundled in the Windows folder and Steam only has info for the Windows version. (It doesn't really matter, as I could just play the Windows version through Proton, but I just thought I'd ask, lol)

I can't wait!!

So, this is a bit of an awkward workaround for this issue, but look in the Google Play store for an app called JoiPlay. Install it, and then look for Renpy for Joiplay module, also on the play store (I don't know why it's separate). Download the WINDOWS version of Our Life and extract it (doesn't matter where, just remember where it is). Open Joiplay (not the Renpy for Joiplay icon, if it pops up. That's just a mod for the app), there'll be a big + icon on the bottom, click that and set the exe to the OurLife.exe which is in the game folder that you extracted. You can put the game's name and the icon, if you want. Then there's an accept or save button. Then, the game will be on the Joiplay app. Just hit it and you'll be able to play it. I can't attest to how well it'll work, since I never actually sat and played it this way, but it definitely opens, I remember that. If you buy the DLC, you can just move them into the game folder like you would on a PC.

I did play a couple other Renpy games this way and they worked, for the most part, so it might at least let you play it, lol.

The files you download from the website are .rpa files. Move them into the game folder (the folder within the OurLife folder that's actually called "game") and then the DLC will show up. You can still launch the game through the itchio app and it'll work, but it's not downloading DLC for some reason.

When you open the game, look at the bottom left corner and it'll say what version you're playing. It confused me, too, bc when I opened it, it showed the big update notice for 1.4, but I looked in the corner and it was 1.5.1

So, this happened to me as well. I just downloaded the base game through the app, then downloaded the DLC from the website and installed them manually (just put the .rpa files in the game folder, that's it). You can still launch the game from the app and the DLC will work. I've never tried it through the app before, so idk if the DLC used to work correctly or not, but this is how i've gotten it to work lol.

Omg, I can't wait!! Ugh, this is gonna call for a new playthrough! I love Cove! <3

Really great game! I've loved all the characters! Unfortunately, for anyone who was interested in playing this through JoiPlay on Android, just know that only Nightowl and Quest's routes work. I keep getting an error while playing NakedToaster's route and hitting "Ignore" doesn't work, sadly. The log says

NameError: Name '{b}NATHANIEL{/b}' is not defined.

At the bottom. (Without spoilers, nightowl had just typed /char Nathaniel and then it lags and I get the error)

Nobody else has mentioned this error, and since I'm positive other people have gone through his route, I assume it must have to do with JoiPlay. I'm a little sad, bc I was looking forward to his route, but alas ;;;;;

Nightowl and Quest's routes were amazing, tho, and I'll definitely be playing through them again! 

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This sounds really interesting! I can't wait to see how it all works in game! Also, i love the cute chibi head sprites, ahaha. I'm low-key excited to make my own in the demo (assuming the character creator is complete in the demo;;; )

Also, I just love how cozy the UI feels, ahhhh. It makes me feel nostalgic for some reason, ahaha.

Edit: also also, I concur with the other people who want the polyamorous route, but it's perfectly fine if it doesn't happen as well. I know how much work this whole game is and I'll be happy either way!

I was worried about this game, since it had been so long since i'd heard about it, but i'm glad it's still being worked on! It was so fun when I played it awhile back, ahaha

Oh, can't wait!!

So, I loved the first OL game and was wondering if this one would be getting a voiced name version too? Idk how it worked with the first game, besides that it was patreon members names, so i was wondering, if there's going to be a voiced name version, when would the names be taken? I can't back the patreon rn but i'll be able to soon, rip.

Oooo, so exciting!! I didn't know it was releasing so soon! Will the Android version release at the same time? I'm away from my pc rn but I have it downloaded on my tablet, ahaha.

Well that's...Unfortunate. This is kind of what I hate about episodic style games. This isn't a slight on you guys or anything, I know things just don't work out sometimes. But this happens all too often. I'll look forward to chapter 8 and hope that future projects have a better outcome.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume they're the one that shot you-know-who which means my Royal is gonna f them up! Or, more likely, cry while the rest of the team f's them up, lmaoooo.