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love it!

thank you!!!!!

"tab" should rotate

The buildings freezing is a bug that I'm working on! If you play the steam demo, you won't have that issue :)

great idea! i just subscribed!

hi! shoot- does it not say a directory name? And any chance it's in your downloads folder?

this is just the demo- those new things will be in the full final release of the game :)

thank you so much for the feedback!!



thanks for trying it out!
The steam demo doesn't have this problem- I haven't figured out the fix for itch yet tho, sorry!

thank you!!

The steam demo doesn't have this problem- I think your best bet for now is to try it there!!

this is beautiful!

I'm so sorry that happened to you!
I'm guessing you were playing it on (not on steam), is that right? And what are the details of the computer / browser you're using?

Again, I'm so sorry! In the final release itlll have saving (and autosave in case of crashes like this) but sadly there isn't anything like that implemented now :(

thanks :)!

so cute! glad you liked it!

the free steam demo has a few quality of life updates that I haven't added to just yet, but will be adding soon!

thank you!!

looks great, glad you like it! I’ll be updating the demo soon and hopefully those bugs will be fixed, thanks for reporting them! I’m reserving the save feature for the final release because I’m just 1 person making this game and I can’t add everything in at once

so glad you're enjoying it :)

I'm just focusing on steam for now, but anything can happen :)

thank you! that will be in the final release on steam :)

thank you, I saw that bug report!!! working on it asap

thanks! I have this on my list of things to investigate!

love the maze!

this looks great!

its beautiful!!

yep :) plus I'm planning a big update in the next few days with much more intuitive object/floor deletion controls (and ctrl+z to undo / ctrl+shift+z to redo)

i love it!

turned out cute!

its beautiful!

this looks so nice!!!!!


working on a screenshot button that will hide the ui as we speak

this is great!!!!


Was the page crashing due to an issue in the game, or something else?


thank you for the support!!

^ just realized I never thanked you- thanks for such a quick update!

thank you!

thank you!!! I have erase working on my local build, testing it a whole bunch now to make sure it doesn’t break stuff. I like the idea of moving objects- after I release the eraser feature, I’ll see if that covers it, otherwise I’ll consider adding a “move” button

Gourd satisfaction- I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible so I don’t want there to be any scoring or anything, so for now, I’m just going to add way more ways for them to interact with their environment (then when they start fishing and singing, it’ll be very clear they’re happy with their environment:))