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I remember this game from forever ago. I recall everything about it as it left its mark, in a good way. Dragons are dear creatures to me, as wonderful as underappreciated they are. What struck me though was that this dragon was allowed to be a kindly healer. I've an inner-fiction where dragons are indeed so but it isn't something I'd seen in media prior to this. A dragon can be a noble warrior, a scholar and magician, or even a war machine (sadly) but never really a healer.

I'll say this was a... memorably cathartic experience.

This is as cute as heck. It reminds me a lot of early home computer games, and as an unrepentant, unashamed dragon grognard I couldn't resist this adventure of a hapless, precious little scaly baby in a onesie.

Sorry you're not furry, friend. Harsh. Got hugs if yuo want them, it's a cold world out there.