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Indie Horror Playthroughs said everything i could say. Cool little game, but why a television studio camera? lol Great Job!

Very creepy carnival game!

No problem bro, ill play your games anyway lol

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Another awesome game man! Great Job! So when you going to do a hellraiser game??

That was a great game dude! Keep it up!

Very creepy and well done! That scare got me good! Great job devs!

Another great game! This was really fun as usual! Great Job!

What an amazing demo for 48 hours! Your games are always top notch man and i cant wait to see more of this one! As a souls player that boss battle was very well done dude, im impressed!

Great Job! This game was a well done remake of one of my fav devs games and you did a great job!

That was some brutal stuff. I loved it but I wished it was longer! Your games just get better and better my friend, keep it up!!

This game has a disturbing vibe all the way through. Great job man and i cant wait for the full game! 

This game def had some creepy parts! the creature needs some work but the game was pretty good!

This was a very fun game! Im hoping there's going to be more! Good job dev, this is one of the better games ive played lately!

Windows 10 64bit.My computer is pretty solid.its a month old build.

wasnt able to get past being watched. couldnt find what i was looking for and the game crashes when the time expires.

Amazing game and you nailed the atmosphere! It was more challenging than i expected it to be too! Great job as always!!

Dude what you have here has serious potential. After I played it i came back and donated. Ill be watching this game.

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Just played the demo and this game is gonna be incredible!! 

Not a bad game it was fun!

I loved this! Its a P.T. game thats feels like and homage and not a watered down rip off!!The references, the atmosphere, how it was perfectly P.T. only... not! Amazing game dev! Cant wait for the full game!

That was a fun little game! Guy behind the tree was very effective! Great job!

That was amazing. It was so messed up but so fun! Great job!

That was a wierd little game. Not much to it but i loved the graphic styling. Nice ending too. lol

Awesome game! I hope there will be more to it at some point. I loved the guy telling me my partner wasnt coming! lol! Great job dev!

Thatr was pretty intense. Great job. Cant wait for vol 2.

YTers: First 2 min is copyrighted music. adjust accordingly.

That was really cool! Very creepy atmosphere! Looking forward to more from you!

Great game devs! Looks amazing and and the atmosphere is genuinely creepy and unsettling. The jump scares were all effective and done well. I will be looking out for more in the future!

The game was awesome! Cant wait for the full release!! Outstanding jobs devs!

A very boring little demo. But that doesnt make it bad. As far as indie games go, you could do a loooot worse.

The demo has a few creepy moments but there wasnt much there. The ending made up for it tho. I hope to see an update with a more filled out game but, being a student project i guess we will see. Outstanding job devs, keep up the great work!

Outstanding job dev!! This is a 5 star game. It looks as great as it plays and has perfect atmosphere! I cant wait to see more form you!

Very well done dev! Theres alot more in this game than most indies and the scares; as few as they are are very effective!

Another great game by BoredLeviathan! I think i had a glitch at the end but i loved it and it looks amazing as always!

I love these PS1 inspired games and this games def didnt disappoint! Great Job Devs!!

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Great Game bu I filmed a version I DL'd before the update! lol Well done SGG!! I love your stuff!

Antother very strange game dude. I did the blind playthrough for the video now im going back for the other endings. Great Job!

Another amazing game bro. Loved it.

wait. what?

That was heckin straaange. Love the concept tho! Very original!! Great job!

This is a good begining to...  something. I enjoyed it for what it was. Good game!

Very fun game and looks great! Love the style you went with.

Cant wait to see more from you guys!