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I love the references to Sort the Court! From the witch Maple to the yeti Bot Bot. And of course, love Amy's art style. Very fun game! :)

Soooo good! Really glad I waited to play this game until the final endings/last part of the story were released. If I had played it only with the Bliss endings, especially the vampire one, I would have been devastated. The Freedom endings are definitely much happier. In my opinion, I prefer the vampire ending over the human one, because I just can't leave Lucius alone after Abigail dies. :')

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Honestly, I like that they scrapped the "collar" idea for predators in the final movie for Zootopia, but the original concept was definitely interesting. It's cool to see it explored in fan projects, like this one. 

I feel like I make a pretty good bakeneko...or just a cat....really beautiful art, really brings together the whole game. :)

I'm so glad I discovered this demo! It's really charming. Definitely faithful to the art style of the cartoon series. I loved exploring Danny's home and reading Danny's snarky commentary on everything. And I especially love that you can play as Sam or Tucker in this game! The idea of Sam or Tucker with the ghost powers instead of Danny is an interesting AU, and there's tons of potential there for diverging plots/storylines...

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I like the art style of the game. It was a fun game, for an incomplete game/demo. The English could definitely be better, but there are some interesting characters. Like the goddess who I'm assuming just wants you to defeat the demon lord because she's jealous the demon lord has more followers than her now, lol. Not to mention she drinks and hangs out in a human bar. 

Is the update with the additional content/currently locked ending still coming?

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Cute game! Cute art style, cute concept, cute execution. 

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The Lego Movie is pretty great. So is Ponyo!