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Sim mano, vai sair, em breve studio de desenvolvimento brabo

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Oh boy I didnt know about that till rn, I still cant believe that my game made the first place. Ok my email is

About the tree, I hope it was as hard as was fun, ha Thank you for playing

you guessed rigth haha,  unfortunately Im really bad at making easy games, most of the time I ask for some fruends to play test so I can balance it, this one I didnt have the time :c The ideia also was to be a little bigger game, with enough bosses so you could choose the first ones, but well I also suck at predicting the time I would need to build the game, either way I really apreciatw your feedback, thank you

The ideia was to tweak the fire particles so it would be clear that it was charging and add some sound feedback to it, but I ran out of time :c I may add some more graphic feed too haha :) Thank you for playing

I really apreciate your feedback, well I spent a lot more time on the tree, the original idea was to be 4 bosses and the skull really need some tweak haha. Thank you for playing :)

Really apreciated the minigames, like it a lot.

Really liked the concept of the game. Nice game.

There was a long time since I played an arcade ship shooting game like that, loved the multitude of enemies. If you have some time to rate my game would apreciate it.

I just loved the art in this game, nice work. If you guys have some time, check mine too :)

It took me sometime to understand how to play it, but I liked it nice work :)
If you have some time to play my game too would apreciate it. Best of luck.

Really nice game dude

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Really like the concept of the game, going to play a lot on my free work time hahah. Also didnt know about the existence of this Pico, thank you for that

Thanks bro, I really apreciate the feedback. Maybe someday I'll finish this project, I even have an story for it.

Yes the green ones were suposed to heal anyone in their explosion radius, boy I hope I had more time to build a proper tutorial :T thank you for the feedback, since this was my first jam I hope on the next I get to fix all of those problems

Oh boy I didnt realize that it was that hard, that's always a fault in my games :T. That was the original ideia for the bolt but I havent the time to polish the weapons, I didnt even balance then, what you saw there was almost the same as the first prototype :T. But I will further polish this game, you can expect the bolt to work properly and a proper balance for the game difficulty. Really apreciate the feedback :)

I tried too hard to make it look good and forget about making it good to play ha, I have a list of things to fix in this project, just for me, this one will go to the list. Thanks for the feedback :)