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As many as you want, just remember, they have to be made in Picotron.

I’d say no.

The reason is, even tho porting may be a complicated process, you still didn’t make most the assets.

You can remake a game, because you’re going to make the game from scratch. If you use none of the original assets (code, sound, art), then you should be good to go.

lovely little game! loved the puzzles, the story, the art and the characters!

i dunno, was it alligned with the themes?

i’d love to try many games submitted, but i don’t have windows, nor does my browser support webgl unfortunately.

I completely forgot to add audio in my submission, but the jam isn’t over. Am I allowed to add sfx/music or not?

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how much did you get?


thank you!

perfectly fine! will be looking forward to both :)

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well, i think the community (mainly on discord) is doing pretty good on experimenting with picotron playground already. 

and i think this jam could be the thing that helps people explore picotron more.

of course, if more people agree, i will move the jam.

well… it’s your game. You can do whatever you want with it. I’m not sure if this jam is going to repeat though. This jam just a reminder that you can revive old projects.

Thank you! Did you finish the game?

So, is it allowed to use sprites made before the jam starts? I'm gonna do PICO-8, and I was trying it out and made some nice player sprites. Am I allowed to use them on the jam?

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im stuck on the "internet of things" thing. can anyone help me?

edit: nvm i just got un-stuck by digging into the game in the bitsy editor. i found a dialog with the toaster speaking. i found out, that i was trying to speak to the wrong end.

I love it. I just got an A. Not even using a graphic tablet. Just the magic mouse. I dont know if anyone else got a problem, because Im using wine (the program) to play this and it scrolls super fast.

Its amazing.

Can you help me, please???

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i have a problem. i downloaded this, and i was  looking on settings. but i by mistake clicked on highest resolution, and it crashed. and when i re-downloaded it, always it has got crashing gui. how 2 fix it on macOS?