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Wow, this is a lot more strategic and puzzly than I was expecting from a game involving uncontrollable shiddin and fardin. It's like a thinking man's Snake. I love that you made the fart pan in stereo too.

Love to button mash. I like how these demon fish can just be regular fish with a shirt on.

Neat game. The delay of the missile flying in makes this trickier than I expected! I don't dislike the randomness but it might be interesting if there's patterns to the missiles sometimes.

Nice, I like the use of paper art. Did you scan in the drawings?

Nicely made! I kept trying to bunny hop by force of habit haha

I like the physics silliness. So fun to use the jiggle button.

I love this game. Cute art and music! I still don't get the one with scattered red tiles yet (something about neighbouring tiles?) but it's fun to puzzle over it.

Thanks for playing 🙂

Thanks :)

I figured it was faster and more fun to make than railings, lol

Very fun and educational game :)

I wasn't sure what the symbols mean and what each thing affects, so I farmed half of the map... I got 300+ coins(?), so I guess I did alright? I can't get any more now, so I'm just going to stop.

That's a lot of fun clicker ideas! Thanks for putting in the cheat button :P

Thanks. I did enjoy it :)

Thank you!

I liked this a lot! Good fun!

I might have played this for a bit too long...

Oh gosh when the noise played I dang near had a heart attack! Hahah

oh no, I was clicking too hard and I skipped the high score screen

Sick. I love this.