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This was such an enjoyable play, I really like Sekhoe and the story in general!

This was such an enjoyable game :)

Im just on day 2 and Im loving the characters they all have such unique personalities. Im so glad I found this game! Looking forward to the future of this game!!

This was a pleasant read :) The art is really cool too, I look forward to the next chapter!

This was exciting to read omg I cant wait for the next part

This was lovely, I enjoyed this very much. I look forward to what comes next :)

I finished it a while ago and I really enjoyed the story. the writing was very immersive and I could imagine the details in my head. One of the parts that made me smile (there was many buttttt) was when we prepared the food or when they would mano. These details were so cool to see, I look forward to the upcoming chapters :).


I've enjoyed this a lot :) I really like Lucian so far, I'm not sure if you know this character but there's this old webtoon called Hooky and the character Nico is just who I kept imagining Lucian as. I look forward to the future updates :) I hope we can talk to Adam more as well and form sort of a elder sibling typa thing with him, of course you don't have to do it but I thought the idea would be fun since their interactions reminded me of just that!

Just from the Prologue I'm already I'm hooked! I'm interested to see what happens next, this was enjoyable to read I love the way you write :) I'm looking forward to what happens next!

Hello I haven't played this yet but I was immediately interested since I'm a Filipino myself, It makes me so happy when I see things related to my culture :). 

I just finished chapter 8 and I absolutely adore this game, the writing is amazing :) Thank you for your efforts in creating something as wonderful as this!

Im at the beginning of chapter 2 right now and it has been very enjoyable so far :) I'm really liking Tujo alot though

I played this game a while ago and found in again through one of the collections, I really hope the author is okay and this can maybe (hopefully) get picked up again. The writing was wonderful and the characters were all extremely well made. Author if you're reading this I hope you are okay!

Thank you so much for this update! I love the characters you've created and in the future, I hope I can see more of your works! :) 

I'm really loving this! The characters and your way of writing are amazing. I'm looking forward to when the story is complete, thank you for your time and effort in creating this :) I hope that you're okay!

I just finished the game and I honestly wish there was more! I absolutely adored Andino!

It's so endearing that you reply to like all the comments, I'm just so happy that you made the game! I'm looking forward to other ones you might make in the future aswell, anyways have a good night or day or afternoon!

This game was lovely! I enjoyed it so much, I loved the special attention given to all the characters! Their designs were absolutely adorable. I found myself being immersed in this game, Artemis is such a lovely character they have such a nice charm to them!