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This is so awesome! 

I emailed you from my email with more details: (aude.jomini at gee mail) along with Saima Akhtar at Barnard .  We would not distribute your tilesets to students. My intent is only to pre-make backgrounds for the workshop using your assets  because we won’t have time to have them make their own maps in the workshop. The maps then will go into unity as flat png’s and we will credit your artwork and point students to your site.  I want to use them as background  pre-made maps for the workshop only, because I really like your work.  I already purchased your bundles for my own use but want to understand what it would mean to use these in a workshop setting.

Hi Seliel, I am looking to purchase your assets for use in an educational unity game workshop at the Vagelos Computational Center at Barnard on 10/22/21.  How can Barnard best proceed to purchase the assets to also have students use them during the workshop? Have you ever dealt with educational licensing?  We woud love to use 4-6 of your packs so please let me know if there might be a bundled rate, or patreon deal.  thank you!!!!