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This is always a totally awesome game to play. I always enjoy it and I love the story. This time playing along with my brother made it even battle. hope you enjoy! Check it out!

Legit a very awesome game. The night we played this itch was having some glitch problems but we will play it again. Either way loved the game. Check it out!

Love the game. Will be playing a part 2. I want this game to succeed.  

This is the second half of our gameplay that wasn't uploaded at first. Still this game is awesome and I hope more people will play it and check it out. 

This is one of the best games I've played on itch. It will scare you in way you could not imagine! Check it out!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! This Game is legit the best action game on Itch. Check it out!

Love the game. Will play more . This is the type of horror I love

Awesome.  Super awesome game

Super Awesome, super fun. The feel of this game reminds of namco games. something I love. check it out

Super fun. I had no idea that the game has so much more to offer so a part 2 is coming soon. It's a super awesome game. Check it out

Love this game. Had no Idea there was a monster down there with me; but yeah life sometimes hits you in ways you don't expect. So this game is totally awesome. Check it out.

You're welcome.  The game is awesome 

AWESOME Game! I had no idea how big this game is, if I'd known that we would of gotten farther. That being said we're gonna play it again sometime and that time we will finish the whole game. By the way this is one of the scariest games in the world. Check it out

Love it, love it, LOVE IT, This game is awesome. Love the concept of purgatory in this game. Hope you enjoy. Check it out

I love this game. I might be 22 but I still love 80's horror. The thrill, the terror, the vibe, love it. Check it out

I never played a game with this concept. You use possession to defeat a demon. It's awesome, it's unique, and it's fresh. Check it out!

This game is super awesome. I loved the thrill and the scare. Check it out

This game is awesome. It gives a late 90s horror vibe that I enjoy. Check it out and have fun. 

Thanks. The game was legit one of my favorites ever.  I'm talking even compared to pro studio games . 

This is ligit one of the best games on Itch. I love the feel, the horror, the scare! Everything about it is awesome. Check it out and see if you like it.