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It'll be the same price as my other sprite that's available for commercial use --- which is 12 USD

Sure, go ahead!

Yes, that's fine!

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Hello! Looking things through, I think it should be fine if you're willing to pay the commercial fee (Based on Creative Commons FAQ). The price you offered is okay. Just be sure to leave the link here in the future so I know which one it is.

Will Alice be included? Because I'm currently in process of remaking her sprite to at least match Eve's

Update: Alice's sprite has been remade

Hello! Yep, that's alright~

aww~ Thank you and I'm  glad that you liked it!

Hello! This sprite set is free to use

Ahh, I figured it would be an alright limitation for a free Sprite back then. You're allowed to add clothes and expressions though~

Thank you~

Sorry for the late reply but yeah, it's fine

The Tomboy sounds nice omo~ I haven't really drawn a tomboy character before

As long as you're not earning money from the game then it's not commercial use

So using the asset on a free Steam game isn't commercial use.

Thank you ><~ You'll eventually get better as long you keep practicing so no worries~

Aww~ thanks~ Look forward to some new sprites in the future~ 

Thank you~

I'll be making more once I got more free time. Also Visual Novel Maker? Is that like renpy?

Yes, it's fine~

Yes, just be sure to credit me


Y'welcome and thanks~

Thank you~

Thank you ~ I also plan to make a bunch more in the future. Some will be free, some are not, please look forward to them