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I mean +2

Everything wrong with modern platformers in a nutshell. huh. Platformers, not even once!馃槱

"based on true events" What a truly wholesome game馃槶

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>Oh God Oh fuck Oh no you just ended up in one of the only real Socialist country on earth;


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I thought this was a depressing game when I was filling the internet with Alt Right articles but then I saw the option to buy out the American political system and I got real fucking chills. What a fucking game馃拃






A Liberal ML parody in 2018, wtf? Hopefully Cuba also starts making Video Games alongside movies...

What a happy ending hpfjdlwlwmsfadfdsa:)

Cute, wholesome and meta. I liked it even it is sfw...

Maximum 2017 humour, I guess its still cute?

So the last 10 % is just a cycle of chugging, coding and streaming uninterruptedly? What an existence馃槶



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I was on the last few days without child labour or pledge of loyalty and I had 10k Coal and enough food to last the storm, and then I forgot to check the Generators stress level for one second and I was suddenly booted straight to the title screen and because there was no save function so I rage quit. 

GG Nice Labour of Love Troll game馃憤馃徎

Edit: Ok I tried again and because of sickness discontent skyrocketed and I was thrown out again even though I had everything they wanted and funnily enough in the real Frostpunk you at least get the 2 day ultimatum so this demake is actually harder then the real game. Truly one of the most frustrating things Ive played in a long time! Amazing