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Then I the one being idiot here!!! 🀣🀣 thanks for telling me my man!  ✌

I not quite understand the storyline is but I really in love with the concept!! Even the atmosphere and environment in the game are sooo good. Keep continue game my friend!!

Love from Malaysia, Attau.  

I don't know why but I cannot seems to pick up the relic. Maybe a bugs or me being an idiot for 30 minutes. But overall it super atmospheric game and super cool. 

Continue to make game more my man.  βœŠβœŠ

The Ending a bit weird but overall it super fun and scary at the the same time!!!

Dema Studios did it again. Great game as always bro.  The ending is not what I expected ^_^|| 

Love from Malaysia.

Joking aside, this game sure tell a lot. I play both prequel and sequel. At first I don't understand what actually happened. But I slowly realize what is this game all about... A man who heartbroken by his own ego. (Or I wrong here.)

Love from Malaysia. ^_^

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Even though it just a short game, It got a good story. And I love 2d scrolling game. So keep up a good works man!! 

love from Malaysia.

Even though I have to make 2 parts of video because of constantly bugs keep happening,I totally enjoy this game man.the style, mechanic and everything else in there.I hope you continue making more games man. KEEP UPP!!! 

(Love from Malaysia)

(Ps: The bugs usually happened when you do stuff too quick )


The atmostshephere in this game make go ALL WEIRD!! I like the style and how the mechanic work. I hope you continue making games!!!


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The only problem I have is this game so short man! But overall is was good!! Keep up man!

The concept and mechanic in this game actually interesting. Though ghost are not some hideous creature, it still give me spook when it suddenly appear! Continue making games man!! (From Malaysia)

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Good Game man! Worth the money!! (Malaysia)

This game got a lot of potential! The monster may not be so scary, but the situation and atmosphere inside the game are quite good. I know this is just created in few days but GREAT JOB MAN!!! 

The face!!! It good game man. Keep up the good work!!!!

This was quite good. The end really scare me...!!!

I have a blast play this game! Keep up the good work man!!!

This... Feel weird. I so shock when I learned the truth at the end! Good game man!

I sorry I can't finish this game. But i have a blast when I play it! Good Game overall! ✊✊✊

I can't stop laughing until the end!! It definitely one of your best games ✊✊

The game give me a creepy vibe until the end!

Good Game man!

The game is so well made! I can't believe this you guys first game! I really looking forward for you next game.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

This was scary as heck!! The ambient alone are enough to make me panic the whole times!!! 😱😱 (Malaysia)

Interesting game! I can't wait for the full version. This game has a lot potential. Keep up the good work. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


I so confuse at the end. Good game.

Great game! Well made and  fun. 

Good game. The ending kinda funny too.

Funny and also very well made game.