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The Ending Kinda surprise me there. its like my heart suddenly stopped!!! 

Yeah. Where Misha though?

Keep up The Good work!!

Love From Malaysia.

This actually crazy good. At first if like nothing that scary until its nearing the end... all hell went loose!!! start to running, panic and keep looking around my surroundings.

keep up the good work!!!

Love From Malaysia.

I thought at first... its was like, you know, walking simulator or something. but the more I get into it, I realize something at the end. That's everything has its own ways of living... Also, don't eat a mushroom you find at side road or this will happened.

ps, Keep up the good work developer!! this was actually interesting.

Love from Malaysia ^_^

The Ending... my small brain cannot comprehend what the heck just happened!!! but good game though. though it scare me a bit when the house start to talk -_-.

Continue the good work!!!

Love from Malaysia.

The vids start at 12:33. 

All I want to say.... this scared me until I speechless when my name suddenly appear. that changed my mood from calm to immediately try to find the exit as I CAN!!! 

Good job on this game!!! And also continue the hard work my friend!!!

Love From Malaysia.

Only words came out from me the moments game start... 


Love the design though. Continue the hard work!!!

Love From Malaysia.

The moment the game start... the intro song already making me feeling uncomfortable. Can't wait for the full version. Continue the hard work!!!

Love From Malaysia.

I.... WIN...............GOOD GAME BY THE WAY.

The ending get me.... good game  bro.

The enemy keep spook me up every time he appeared! though it endless, but this actually a good game. keep up the good work!!!

love from Malaysia.

Quite interesting concept of game here.  At first I thought is going be easy since you got radar and all.  but the moment you let your guard down, it easily scare me off as the monster appear of nowhere!! Good game my friend! Continue the hard work! 

Love from Malaysia ^_^

The video start at 8 : 34 .

I wanna say one thing... this is great! its been awhile a game that make me stuck 3 hours of playing to find what the heck is going here!!! the doctor sudden change of movement is freak me out every time he does it. Can't wait for the full game. 

Love from Malaysia ^_^

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The game start at 15:11. THIS IS FASCINATING!!! I actually super really love the game!!! Even though I only get one ending, I understand what the stories is. good game and can't wait for your next project!!!

Love from Malaysia.

The video start at 12:11. I actually thought there is a jumpscare at the end... But I realize something, Not every horror game should've end in bad way... Good game. 

PS. And I just realize you're the same developer who make psyco-unstable Journey. So... Good game.

Love from Malaysia.

From the start and finished... Its making me keep looking my back since I have fear for deep ocean. The concept is interesting.

Good game my friend ^_^

I not sure but I totally lost at the end which I can't find the way to end it properly. is there something I missing???

Also, Great game. Its improvement than the first and much longer. More storyline, and also can't wait for the third one.

Continue doing your best my friend!!! 

Love, From Malaysia.

At first I bit confused what is going on... but the moments I saw the goose, I know something weird gonna happen. Overall, I enjoy throughout the game and hope you will continue making more game. 

Love from Malaysia.

Good game and actually spook by the new stuff man!! I can't wait the next game!! keep up the good work!!

Love from Malaysia.

I thought this just some normal zombie game but the ending actually shocked me!!! really like it. keep continue making game my friend!!

love from Malaysia.

I actually confused at first about where is tissue section is, and also what the heck happened to manager... but overall, this is still a good gameplay even though its just a demo. can't wait for the full version!!!

Keep continue making game my friends!!!

Love from Malaysia.

First of all... I sorry for unable to finish this game!! I don't know what to do but I still having fun playing it!! Its quite interesting concept and I still gonna figure how to actually find the final boss!! But I agreed with Dreamcaster as some of the hitboxes unable to connect to the enemy. But still, keep up the good work!!! 

Love From Malaysia.

First of all, sorry for the lagging. ( I don't have a high quality computer). Second, This actually a great concept of game!! the control a bit weird but overall I enjoy it. keep continue making game my friend!! 

love from Malaysia.

A really good game!!! I quite enjoy since I been fan of Silent Hill games. Even though there a BUGS as I exit the building and stuck on Camera perspective, it still a good experience.

I can't wait to see the full project since this just a porotype.

Love from Malaysia. 

All in my mind,  I thought this is a horror game... but, it's still good experience to learn something new. 


Love from Malaysia. ^_^

This was so good! I thought its gonna be a simple game but as you getting deeper, its start to feel so atmospheric and sad as you learn the story of what actually happened there.

Keep up the good work DEV!!!

Love from Malaysia.

Great game as always my man!! I once make a video of your other game called dead county and it so good. I hope you continue making game my friend!!!

Love From Malaysia.

This was amazing!! Though the ending make kinda blur and confuse, I still enjoy till the end! Continue making game my friends!!

Love from Malaysia.

This actually may one of the best horror game I ever played! the jumpscare may not really scary but the atmosphere make me feel uncomfortable all the time!!!

Continue making game!!!

love from Malaysia.

I love the style and how the story goes. I can't wait for this to be full version. I can see good potential if this game continue to polish more!

Continue making more my friends ^_^

love from Malaysia.

My Good... The moments I played Midnight Scenes while ago... I know this person will continue to create something amazing!! I love all about this both games ( This game & The Supper)!! But I have one question... I kinda understand the storyline for the supper but I quite not understand for the librarian storyline... But it still a good game!! ✊✊

Continue Making Games My man!! 

Love from Malaysia. 

Then I the one being idiot here!!! 🤣🤣 thanks for telling me my man!  ✌

I not quite understand the storyline is but I really in love with the concept!! Even the atmosphere and environment in the game are sooo good. Keep continue game my friend!!

Love from Malaysia, Attau.  

I don't know why but I cannot seems to pick up the relic. Maybe a bugs or me being an idiot for 30 minutes. But overall it super atmospheric game and super cool. 

Continue to make game more my man.  ✊✊

The Ending a bit weird but overall it super fun and scary at the the same time!!!

Dema Studios did it again. Great game as always bro.  The ending is not what I expected ^_^|| 

Love from Malaysia.