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Really enjoyed this experience! Found you because of a forum post on another jam and I am so happy that I did :3
My only real "complaint" is I wish after I die the first time that I'm able to skip cutscenes or it skips it for me but other than that i am in love with this. The platforming felt good and fun, the environment was rly rich and I loved exploring, and it had a great atmosphere. All in all, fun game! Excited to see more from ya. :D 

Just went through this and it was a really good experience :O Super atmospheric 

💞 thank you sm omg ;;🌸 on Twitter: "… "

This game lured me in with the graphics and the fun of smashing things but kept me after I understood what the message was.
Wonderful game and I'm glad I both played and watched another play it to be able to soak it all in.

This was fun for a little platformer! Truth be told, I'm not very good at them but this one was doable and it was an interesting puzzle concept! 

These are so cute! I love the cat tails a Lot. Do you use blender? 

Loved this!!!