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The game is already out, it's being released chapter by chapter(it's up to chapter 8 already) and it is free but you can donate money if you'd like when you download.

They didn't finish the game but gave people their refunds back.

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I just finished the demo and I have to say I LOVE this demo! The LI's banter alone with each other had me laughing. I can tell that lots of time, love and care went into this demo! The demo wasn't too short or too long and gave away enough to keep me guessing about certain things! I hope you guys reach your goal and are able to see your project come to life because I haven't really enjoyed a demo like this in a long time. 

Edit: I do have one issue, mainly that in the beginning when the cast of LI's were speaking. It was hard to tell who was speaking because the mouth opening sizes varied a lot! Some of the differences are small and I got confused for a bit.

An amazing game! The voice acting was phenomenal!! I usually don't play games like this but it was very interesting to play and try to find all of the clues and dialogue.