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10/10 for the concept alone, writing and presentation were absolutely incredible as well

Name/Username: ChaoticSquirrel

Beta Version: 00

Did you enjoy the Game?

|Y| N

Should Hit and First Aid be changed to be unique for every hero?

Y |N|

Rate the following 1 - 5:

Hit: 5- Good as an early game card, as long as you can replace or upgrade it it's a stellar card 

First Aid: 5- Good as an early game card, as long as you can replace or upgrade it it's a stellar card  

Insight: 2- The reason it's two is because it's pretty useless as an early game card because knowing what the enemy will do doesn't really tell much, a better one would be knowing who the enemy will attack

Topsy-Turvy: 5- Really good, possibly even broken

Burning blood: 4- It's a 3 if it's a two step spell (Enchantment then healing) but a 4 if it increases defense and heals (For MP of course)

Iron Platelets: 3- HP is to valuable for this spell to be used, the tradeoff is to large with higher MP cards

Music 1 Pre fight: 5

Music 2 Fight Victory: 5

Music 3 Bad Guy: 5

Music 4: To Be continued: 5

Overall Sound: 5

Blue's Char Art:

Red's Char Art:

Green's Char Art: -So all of the art for the characters is good, text portraits, sprites, the whole 9 yards, I only wish we could get some card art. That's what makes a card game for me, when I can look at the card and marvel at the sprite work and balancing that went into making it, character art is cool but I'd rather have card art.

White's Char Art:

Overall Art:

Blue's Char Writing:

Red's Char Writing: I feel it would be cooler if red was a lot more withdrawn and kind of meaner. A bit like Crosshair from Bad Batch where he kind of tolerates those around him. Not a pride issue but a people issue.

Green's Char Writing: I don't feel like green got as many lines as the rest but what he has so far doesn't really speak to deeply into his character unless I'm missing something

White's Char Writing: A little to obvious as to the whole pride thing I would make it more subtle, make white subtly narcissistic and therefore self destructive

Overall Writing: "Can't have a war if everyone is dead" I really liked this line and the dialogue does really well for setting the stage for the world without drawn out narrations, immediate immersion

For bug reports please describe the circumstance leading up to the bug, and a screenshot or recording of the bug.

submit this survey at

EXACTLY what I was looking for. Needed some high quality sprites for a soulslike and needed to test some stuff

I'd leave him alone and let the creator of the game say something if he has a problem, the guy hasn't persisted so he can take a no. No use heckling him further

Eh, can't expect much out of game devs when it comes to learning something new, most you'll be able to get is learning from tutorials, take the unity community for example. Very rarely have I gotten an answer to a problem from someone who knows how to fix it and when I do they're very disgruntled and kinda upset I want to learn. I'd say be patient and wait for them to soften up a bit, they'll come around eventually

The controls feel better than any platformer GB studio game I've played thus far, good job!

Same. There will be other console releases as well even if it doesn't come out for steam

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I was very perceptive at the end of a trailer, I've always thought Skeleton astronauts were cool so it's no surprise I really like him. I even ripped an image from you're site, cut it down, resized it, and made him my profile pic: He's the best.

Also, I found the death animation where you get crushed and turned paper-thin, very Crash Bandicoot, I approve.

That's how I got mine as well XD. I couldn't figure out how to get the shield down there so I just really timed my jumps. Because of you guy's unique jumping mechanic, where you have to fall a little first, (it scares the crap out of me but is so rewarding) you're able to pull it off, getting tons of distance and height.

If it's really bad, you could download the ROM, play it on an emulator, and bind the jump key to space.

It doesn't mean you can't, they were just using standard GBA emulation controls on PC. That's all I was saying.

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I'd just say for little side quests like that you just give cosmetics. Whether it be just a color swap or letting the player play as Bones, (I really like Bones, he's my favorite! Was sad he didn't have a spot in the demo ): ) Like there, you could've given Maxwell an Orange spacesuit, because, you know, Orange Island ;). Just the little stuff. That's all.

But those modern spawn points tho XD. Better be lucky they didn't go full retro authentic! The only reason you find the buttons strange is that it's not really meant to be played on PC. It's a GBA game, the Web Emulator has different buttons mapped to a key. It's only trying to give as close an experience to the GBA as possible, that's all

My guy, chill. It's a DEMO. This is what things like this are for. Yeah, it's going to be buggy, yeah it's going to have hiccups, it's not the final product. Now, if the full release has game-breaking bugs, some of those feelings might be warranted. 

Found the Orange Island easter egg, (Btw great job on the visuals you guys nailed the feeling of Orange Island) but I was a little upset when the only payoff was the crown at the end. The first boss is okay in terms of difficulty but could be just a little faster. Also, the music. You guys nailed the music. It's a sound I've never even heard on the GBA. Very Steven Speilberg kind of vibes. It's been a pleasure to play the demo overall, can't wait! 

This looks incredible! 

ran it through retroarch on psp, but the sound sucks

all i see is a black screen.

hold up let me try something

none of the one's I'm using are working. What am I to do?

Hey I just got this weird .Bin file and when I open it all I get is a .cpgz file and then if I open that the BIN FILE AGAIN! Please help

does this work on XP?

So it needs ALOT of work but I would play a full game. Also I found like six speedrunner techniques