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Austin Rogers

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This is actually really enjoyable to play. Only having one shot requires you get into a good, satisfying rhythm, or risk being defenseless for a bit. I think this is a perfect game to play when you have a few minutes between things because the only real threat to you is your own concentration. I'd definitely download it on my phone.

Also, I really liked the colors, the bubbles that serve as both targets and shot refreshers, and the big enemies that charge you - the first one gave me a shock.

P.S. my high score was 55490

Pretty fun. I had no idea what I was doing with the controls, but it still felt alright. Something must have been designed correctly to make me feel that way. High score was 8778, by the way.

Really fun game with a good concept. The combination of controlling jump height, choosing when to boost, and trying to aim the hammer makes for exciting gameplay with a lot of options. It definitely requires multitasking like you wanted, and in an enjoyable way, with having to look ahead to throw the hammer but also make sure to avoid the gaps.

The only issue I had was that sometimes when trying to throw the hammer it would get stuck and I'd have to click again, but by that time I was already dead or too out of rhythm to recover; it caused a lot of frustration. Still had  a good time though.

This was actually really fun. I think it's a combination of the jumping feeling really intuitive and the moments where you manage to perfectly navigate through the gaps that makes it so enjoyable.

Great controls, controlling the boxes feels really intuitive and hitting them around, dunking them, and throwing them past hazards are all a lot of fun. Loved it, hope there's more to come.

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Just beat the game, it can only be described as a masterpiece. It is hilarious the whole way through, every fight is fun, and it's a top notch display of MS Paint mastery.

Beat God on my first try, he wasn't a very difficult guy, I said to him... "later". Shoot I'm all of out rhymes. Anyway, I'm sure I'll play this many times.


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Love the minimalist art and the amazing music. Switching between lines as fast as possible is really fun, you did a good job of identifying that and setting up the scoring around it. Really really solid first game, giving you a follow.

P.S. My high score was 479