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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

It's Rhubarb by Aphex Twin!

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You're too kind <3
I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks!! I'm glad you had fun :)

You are CRAZY!

Wow... congrats!

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I'm not sure what the issue would be.

I can give and recieve money just fine and recently recieved a donation.

My account shows no errors.


I had the same issue even when the game was running in the same page rather than opening in a new tab.

I also tried disconnecting the paypal account and reconnecting it, to no use.

I think the option may also give an error when trying to donate via the download button with Paypal.

To me it just goes to a blank page with "Loading..." and nothing else happens.

Hi, can I ask you how you make your game go to fullscreen on another page?

Thanks glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks man glad you enjoyed :)

And yes the song is Rhubarb!

There is not :S

Sometimes he wanders off... refresh the page :)

Hey I pushed a fix, could you let me know if it works now?

Hey I pushed a fix, could you let me know if it works now?

Are you on macOS? If so I think there is a problem with the engine I'm not sure how to fix :(

Thanks! I don't have plans to make updates :S but it might happen in the future :)


Glad you enjoyed it!

That's a good idea about minimizing.


The single defrag blocks that get organized are always the same and get reshuffled, so I'm not sure what I could improve there.

Thank you very much!
I don't actually have plans to work more on this I'm sorry but it might happen in the future :)

Thanks :)

I think it's either the synthesizer or maybe the defrag, as the process of defragging is low-key actually executed.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks ^^

Sorry to hear that, thanks for the feedback :)

Will sure do!

Thanks a lot! This is perfect for a game I'm making :)

Yeah you are right, didn't think anyone would reach it at first ahahahah

Thanks for the depthful insights.

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed :)

Thanks for the feedback will look into it :)

omg you're right ahahahah

thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the feedback :)

You can actually drag with your mouse to slide the cards around!

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh ok thanks for the help!

It's a donation button in the info section :S

Where do you see this error?