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MM & HH are my favorites so far.

Who do I ask for swimming advice for Nefari?

Yeah! Just found it, haha, thanks anyway! 

Got it!

Who hires Jade? (the homeless bench girl)

Only actual let down is that some of the characters that I was excited to do more with (Paige especially :) ) was cut short. Other than that, great game!

True that, hard to find something as good or better.

Trying to see if I can find a game that rivals Harem Hotel (absolutely amazing, btw) Don't really know

... Meh

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Played Harem Hotel and absolutely loved it!. Looked up similar games and found this! Very excited to try it out!

Sorry, that part at the beach wasn't part of the side story for her, more as part of Kali's main story. The first part of Lucia's side story was when she calls you down to the hot springs.

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Okay yeah! So that scene is the first part of her side story! Just encountered the scene, as she asks you to come down to the hot springs.

I (believe) that's an extra to Lucia's story (I'm not sure if it happened before or after the beach threesome). Have you finished the game (Completed all main character's/side stories yet?) You should eventually come across it either way.

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I dont think so. On my first playthrough, she wasn't a high enough exhibitionist (It says it after her having denied the threesome), so on the second I made sure to double up on it. I know you can visit the gallery for it, but I don't think you can do another actual playthrough of it, although I could be mistaken. :)

After she has moved in the hotel with Kali, and you, Kali, and Lucia go to the beach and Lucia wants to have a threesome (although Kali may or may not be a sufficient exhibitionist). I believe that's the last part of her story. :)

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After you reach 20-25 friendship with her. (25+ I believe)

Nice! Ashley sure is a special one, isn't she? :) VERY determined to get a baby out of ya tho.12 of them to be exact. xD

That's awesome! I just finished the game (All characters' main story) in less than a full day's game time, and I just started another game 'cause it's so fun! Also, do you have a favorite character? Personally, I'd say mine is Lin. She acts so innocent, but she can be just as naughty as any the others. Also 'cause she's so darn cute!

This game is by far the best types of these games out there. Most are just web games that don't have any plot or storyline, and don't last for long. Or if there is a somewhat similar game to this, it's not straightforward sex or lewdness, or rather a game included in the game that doesn't even involve anything. But above all, this game is amazing! I really hope a next or newer version is released, and personally, pregnancy would be so hot and amazing!!! Damn good job!