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* Jump: Gamepad = A/B, Keyboard = Space
* Dash: Gamepad =  X/Y, Keyboard = CTRL/ALT
* Run: Gamepad = left stick, Keyboard = WASD
* Cut: Any key when you picked up an orb!

Please be sure to use an XBOX360 or XBOXOne Controller!

Don't be sorry, we're happy to help out - thanks for playing and explaining your feedback to us - it helps us improve :)

Hey! Thanks for the feedback and of course for playing our prototype :)

Hey there!
We know about the first flaw - there is still plenty of room to improve that, yes!
But, for the second one, did you find out that you can dash against other the players and do exactly what you proposed with them? Try it out and hit X or Y on the gamepad or CTRL or ALT on the keyboard and dash into another player ;)

I very much hope we succeeded in educating people about the dangers of vaccuum cleaning.

Thanks for sharing :)

You have to increase your sucktion power by discovering the hidden powerup. Then you can also suck up really everything!

You will know when you finished the game ;)

sadly we use mac incompatible technologies (compute shaders).

we'll try to make a stripped-down macOS build