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Looking forward to trying it, but your Sharepoint-hosted download messes with the Itch desktop client and requires downloading from the page directly.  Very inconvenient.  馃槖

For future visitors, it all ended up fine.  I think reinstalling Revive ended up doing the trick, but regardless it runs nicely now!

Fun!  Works well on my machine.  Who doesn't like bumping into things and throw stuff around the room?  Plus, you can find things and play a game!

Tested on HP Reverb G2, RTX 3070

I can get it to launch, but it's a flat window.  Nothing in VR, no reaction to HMD or controllers.  Is there some hidden menu or key commands I should try?  I'm on the Discord channel now too, but haven't gotten a solution yet.

This is a wonderful experience!  A small amount of interactivity, and a large amount of atmosphere.  Recommended to just sit quietly and enjoy for a bit.  Sadly, you can't spill the cocoa.  :-(

That would be awesome!  Thank you!  I have the HP Reverb G2 and would be happy to report back once I get it working.

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This looks amazing, but I can't get it to work with SteamVM/WMR.  I tried using the Inject feature with Revive, but it just crashes.  Any chance it might be updated, or is there some specific steps I could try?  I would love to try this out!

Is there any way to make it play in SteamVR?  I tried from Revive and it didn't help.  Anything else I could try?