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Cool game simple but addictive. I really like it and I only got to the 7th wave after that I kept losing lol, still a good job.

Good game it is challenging, but man that insanium level you didn't have to make it really insane challenging you killed me there, but still good job.

Amazing game, I love it Amazing job GeloKaiser.

Good game the only problem of this game is that it doesn't have a finish line at the end you just fall...but overall it is good game that if it had a little more time it could had been better. :) 

Thanks for your comment. Yes I should had been more focused on gameplay rather than visuals, but the next time I will try to make gameplay and visuals more balanced . :)

Thank you for your comment. I understand that many things on this game could have been made better, thank you for telling me where I could have done better so now I know where I should focus the next time I join a game jam. :)

Lol Awesome game I love it good job