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Athletic Design

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Very impressive game! Level 4 in the snow just looks so nice. I would have been ecstatic for just that level as, say an  8 K,  Christmas game back in 1983.

I really like the music!

Very nice sprites!

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Thanks a lot for all your C64 games! Your productivity rate is mind-boggling. 12 points after 10-15 tries.

I have seen Cheese and Chive - very impressive for a PET game. I really hope you do return to "AAA" Vic games. Bloody x-mas is good fun but it can't compare to Cheese and Onion or Pentagorat.

Amazing game. I bought the cartridge (with my brother for our shared retro collection) when it came out so I already know that this is one of the most impressive Vic game ever. Pentagorat, however, offers some stiff competition!

Very fun. Got hooked on it almost immediately. It's been 26 years since I last played it on the Megadrive while working in a game shop.

Cool, kind of a quirky mix of painting game and Berzerk-like. So in Vic terms: a love child of Shark Attack and Amok!
And I just love that inimitable Vic feel that is just right for Christmas :