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I've finished this now.  Well done on the game.

Sure but this is in a very very unfinished status.  I'm hoping to get a release soon.  I'll need to see if I can find code at the point where this was uploaded as I've suffered a full pc wipe in the mean time.  I do have my current work in progress but thats not working really well.

Got to the necromancer pretty cool game.

You should do a game about Sour Cream finding way back to Lina

Well done Achie, the Lina verse is really fillin gout.

Pretty sure its using `dset` but there are other was this can be done.  as for the storage pico-8 I think it uses local storage in the browser.

Hey @Louie I need baby mode. :P

Hey finally got got a decient score

Hi Aktane,

I know the scoring is over but I managed a 378127 Lv9.

Thanks again for the wonderful game,


This one was so incredible graphics. I know the showcase is over but maybe consider coming back to this.

Hey I've been trying again with the arcade mode a bit more.  It really feels pretty unique amongst the other jam entries. 

Some wonderful sprite work. Well Done.

Hey thanks for sharing.  The explosions are really nice in this one. Finished with a 6405 result.

Full of personality. Good job.

I've only just got around to beating it now.  Thats a really nice sprite for the final enemy.

I got 4702600 and to loop 7.  No idea if thats a good score or not.

Got it.  thank you

Really great end boss. Loved the game well done.

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screen shot inception.  When I edit my post I see screenshot. When I view it no :(

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Maybe you all want to supply 24x24 images to represent your games.  If its only the people in this thread at the moment the images could be larger, but I would hope some more people add their carts.

I think the third wave felt easier than the first two.

I thought I commented on this yesterday, obviously not.  I really like the comedy and the cute design. The naming is perfect for this game too.

The problem isn't it wasn't left in the oven long enough. The problem is I have an extremely slow oven. But thanks for the encouragement. There is  a lot more un-integrated work but I don't know if I'm going to do that work.

Well done. Lovely animations.

Cool idea with the drops

Wow you've really changed up the shooting. Very cool very chaotic I love it.

Lovely sprite work.  Nice music.

I wouldn't mind creating the launcher cart even. But I'd like people to opt into their cart being included rather than linking without their permission.

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The launcher cart is here

It would be really cool if for all the carts put on the BBS if someone could make a launcher cart.  That way I could easily play the entries on my steam deck.

I really really like this one. its got so many nice touches.

Nice enemy movement and powerups.

Hey congratulations on your entry.  I like the theme of this submission.

The difficulty curve feels a bit unbalanced or maybe its just for a more experienced player than I.

Full of retro feels.

I feel like when your overheating you could give a message saying overheated.

Fairly slow.  Nice graphics.

Really impressive. I don't know how you managed to fit all of that into pico-8

its been great seeing you progress on this. 

For anyone on linux like me what you can do if you use steam is go to steam add non steam game and open up the .exe file from here. 

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Hey the sound effects are cool.  I'm supprised you did it in a similar resolution as pico-8 if using a different engine.

Nice weapons.

Feels very fast.

I've played on lexaloffle also but this is a really cool game. 

Really cool little game there. Nice music scored 128

Finished. A new game + with slightly faster would be very nice.

That ending though....

Well out of my confort zone, but it feels very smooth and I suspect is a wonderful game. 

As a total beginner I'm just overwhelmed with the amount of things onscreen at once and can't focus on any but after holding down both fire buttons it did get easier for me.