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I can't take credit for the music. Thanks for your kind words.

I got to 1500 first attempt on desktop which is much easier than mobile. I like the difficulty curve and the asteroids are a great touch.

Congratulations on meeting the deadline. I'm afraid I didn't.

Love the presentation on this.  The music is banging.

Pretty simple.  Nice and relaxing for a murder simulator well done.

I enjoyed this thanks for this.

Like the retrieving ammo.

Congrats on the finish

Well I didn't finish.  I'd almost got a full game done, and started some code on the final boss but I ran out of steam.

Yesterday I had to draw the cart label, create the intro. Design the level (pretty crap was probably done at 1 am) Code the crushing traps.  At about 5am today (2 hours before original deadline I just ran out of steam).  I enjoyed the challenge though and its been great fun trying to write something.  I see some spectacular entries well done everyone.

But for me I'm glad that there is gameplay in there which there wasn't until yesterday, there was just mechanics.

Nice little game. I'm stuck on spike long jump however.

Haven't done a platformer before, I've seem people spend an age on collision alone.

I enjoyed this thanks for sharing.  Is it really only 3 hours?

Nice animations.  Your slimes are full personality.


You should try burnin' rubber for something that everyone knows.

I remember the Nebulus one and thats a great conversion well done.

Wow well done.

Managed to figure out all the tracks. Last one was most challenging.

I got as far as 693 :)

Well done.  oozes atmosphere and uses the assets nicely.

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A 4 px tick may help with this to say the item is on the checklist or not.    

Really nice presentation. Enjoyed this. Well done.

Nice feel to it and the tune is good. Love the background too.

I just wanted to say that you both did incrediable work here. The artwork and engine are on point. Me and my son are both very impressed. 


Wow some of these blow my mind.