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Thanks—and sorry for the delay in replying—I'll have a look at this over the weekend

I've tried out various versions of a "fantasy" sports RPG and am having another crack now!

Using my friend Peter Lattimore's DODECA engine as it has a very robust, grid-based tactical combat engine which I think is totally suited to this type of game. It's also based around a D12 dice pool system (the clue is in the name) and I really love dodecahedrons.

Not putting any pressure on myself to produce anything other than the sketchiest of sketches, but will keep showing my working as the game progresses!

Here is an earlier iteration from a few years back, for a clue as to the flavour:

Game file now added, apologies once again- and thanks for reaching  out!

that’s so weird- this has been up since 2020 and you are the first to comment! I will be able to amend within the next six hours… in the meantime, the free edition pdf is downloadable form DTRPG if you prefer, apologies for the inconvenience.

hi! Thanks for the compliments. I’m always interested in new conversations- is email good for you?

hi Brett! Thanks for the compliment!

You can find some rules for rest, recovery and crafting  in the FREE wilderness supplement:

I think I made a post on the Alone in the Labyrinth blog about random events excursions new members etc. but can’t seem to find it right now, but there’s a host of stuff labelled pariah on that site:

it’s a fair point though and I should probably try to collate those procedures/rules into a PDF, apologies for that.

thanks for your support!

Thank you!

Definitely space limitations- I cleaved very closely to the 24XX template and this put a solid constraint on how much I was going to squeeze in. There's soooo many other great classes, it's really a rich vein! I'm not going to surprise anyone when I say the Inksmith is my favourite... but Bloodwitch is up there, too.  Classes as world building device is clearly something that RRD do very well...

...and this is especially evident in Heart! Hadn't even occurred to me to adapt it too... but of course now that seems like a massively fun idea. I'm going to be too busy for a bit to get round to that, though... why don't you give it a go? 

You're welcome, enjoy!

Hi David! thanks, very happy to be here. Just wanted to  get involved with the conversation, really.

When I was just getting into D&D my dad told me about Mazes and Monsters, (mis)informing me it was based on a true story (it's very based on a sensationalised tragedy with tenuous connections to RPGs!)... but (weirdly) he was sort of implying this fact made D&D "cool"? Like, "this game is so wild- apparently kids play, think it's real and go crazy and kill themselves and their friends! Enjoy!" He's a strange man.

As for Borges, you might discern I am a fan (my blog is Alone in the Labyrinth, name inspired partly by House of Asterion and also his anthology, Labyrinths). Confess  I hadn't connected the jam to his work- but t's an inspirational concept! A game supplement, Atlas of Tlön, perhaps?

Hi! I'm Joe/Sofinho. I saw this game jam posted on a discord server I'm on with Arthur and thought I'd join, it looks fun!

I'm not on twitter any longer so not sure if there's a conversation around this jam that I'm unaware of.  Suffice to say I'm super interested in what people are planning on producing for this!

So... who are you and what's your big (or small, or medium-sized) idea?

That's so nice of you to say! I'm blushing...

Keep your eyes peeled, new kickstarter in a few weeks...

I care about this planet: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Thank you Remi! for more of that Neolithic flavour have a look at some of the other free/pwyw game on the Atelier Hue page.

Thanks Pat! The 24XX template is brilliant at getting a game down to its essentials. It's super quick to explain to newcomers to RPGs, too. 

Thank you! I think it will need some tweaking for groups not keen on getting TPKed in a bar brawl... but it's a bit of a fun knockabout! 

Have quite a few more planned for further down the line, a bit more specific and some a little bit weirder.

Thank you! I'm massively intrigued by a Wagadu game, where can I hear more? 

Re: licensing, feel free to use these mechanics as desired (naturally)- if you want to use any of the text verbatim, some kind of attribution/ citation would be gratefully received, but I'm certainly not going to pursue you through the courts over it! I'm much more interested in hearing what you do with it. Thanks again for your kind words.

My pleasure, it's fully deserved: thanks for making such a cool game! 

I got my copy through the post after backing it on Zine Quest. Really, really beautiful object, itself worthy of the epithet 'Kozmik'! The square(ish) format and bold colours reminded me of early 90s SNES game manuals (that's Nintendo famicom my American friends).

The content would fit any Space Opera or Sword & Planet game (especially as there is a literal Sword Planet!) campaign: Troika, Hypertellurians and Solarblades & Cosmic Spells all spring to mind, but if you don't have any of those there are a bazillion hacks of the Nate's own Tunnel Goons system that would fit.

An absolute triumph: my one objection would be that the beautiful print edition is just too tempting for my toddler, who smears their grubby fingertips over it at evey opportunity!


Currently writing for my own game (apologies... but someone has to..) PARIAH

Free version is here:

Just wanted to announce that this is a really cool game. Currently playing in a PbP with other Brightonians but was also very lucky to take part in last year's New Geographies livestream of The World After, its antecedent!

I've been in... 7(?) jams so far and only managed to submit to one (the first one I entered, since you asked... therein hangs a tale...).

In order to make sure I don't flake out before the deadline (which I now realise is next year) I've put a page for this prospective adventure (Atop the Wailing Dunes, since again, I'm sure you just asked). 

Going to attempt a rigorous (vigorous?) DEVLOG too, so anyone can see how the sausage is made.

Anyone else thinking of doing something similar? Or am I a lone maniac screaming into the void (for a massive change to the scheduled forecast)?


First of all thanks for the comment and questions, and apologies for not replying sooner. I wasn't notified (or missed the notification) for some reason. This is probably late and I'm sure you've come with your own solutions, but it would be remiss of me not to answer your questions now.

DC is target number. Use stats as a reference: 3 is something all pariahs can do, 18 is something very few pariahs can do. Upwards of that it gets into murky territory.

In practice I work out a target number based on the difficult and their relevant attribute, and let them know what it is so they can decide if they want to try something else instead or spend a hit die if they are unlikely to make the roll.

Which brings us to "makes narrative sense". Yes, an example would probably have been helpful! Think of HD as spending your inner reserves: that extra bit of effort to make the shot or make the save. Would it make narrative sense for someone to exhaust their hit dice while making a stealth check? That depends on your table, and what makes sense in your game.

What prevents players from abusing it is that hit dice are a limited resource: pariahs only start with one. remember: HP are regenerated by rolling hit dice  (similar to 5e) and the pariah must rest to replenish them. 

Lastly, thanks for the typo-catch: there have been three revisions to the original volume that went out at zinequest, and I'm still finding stuff, so sorry about that.

You are correct: "Characters may NOT attack anyone except those they're engaged in melee with"

It's up now @theplatypus

Yep, I'm just way behind with everything. I'll post some screenshots as they have some useful material.

I absolutely love this, incredibly evocative material, beautifully laid out and intelligently selected public domain art! Fully approve, 20/10 would buy again!

I fully support this idea! I'm a newbie to this platform but have plans to publish a lot of work through it next year: a revenue sharing option would solve a great deal of headaches, as my collaborators are scattered across the globe.

Hi! I came across your game during the 48 hour Mega RPG Jam. Lst week I had the chance to play it for the first time with a class of seven advanced English as a second language students. Just wanted you to know that they (well, we) all had a really good time and enjoyed creating our footage of a Kaiju attack!

don't get too excited - I was unable to finish it, and conceptually it's much less original than your submission (and that of most of the games in this jam). But don't mention it: the kind words were well-deserved.