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A member registered Mar 24, 2022

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Here is a video !

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You are good Eric !

Awesome job using basic, Eric !

I´m trying to load direct from dos but after choose load file what have I to do ?

The game doesn´t work with Stella 5.1.3

Thanks a very entertainment game !

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Awesome ! and pressing the spacebar you can change the monochrome color.

I think the first game is pretty entertainmen too. 

Awesome game ! Congrats.

What about you ? Any new game  ?

Great game ! Vitoco rules !

Awesome puzzle game ! Thanks so much Under4Mhz.

Awesome version ! for atari 8 bits.

Awesome version ! Thanks Haplo.

Great game ! maybe you can add some music in game play.

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The game is excellent ! but it has a bug when you die then the screen puts in black and stop the game.

I think you can as a very talented programmer. Why not Rich ??

Hi TND ! Are you gonna do a version of this game for atari 8 bits ?

Nice game !

I am sure that you can do this game for Atari 8 bits too. Count with me to publish your version. You can write me to : BTW, this is the esxclusive atari 8 bits channel in youtube. Best wishes !

Awesome version 1 Thanks Haplo.

Nice !

Please convert the game in nex extension.

You did it well again ! Cheers Eric.

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Awesome !! Receive our sincere congratulations !

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Awesome game !

Awesome game !

Outsatnding game ! Can you port this for Atari 8 bits ? I hope so.

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Nice version for Atari 8 bits ! Please as soon as you can, make Rodman Jr and other of your games to Atari 8 bits too. Atarians will be very grateful to you. Cheers.

Nice beginning ! Keep on doing your best.

Great basic version Vitoco !!