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make a 32x32 version pleaseee

Nice work, what's the license?

Can I use it into a comercial project and remix them?

Pixel Fx Designer community · Created a new topic The price

Hello, I'm at the eye on this since a time, the original price was 10 (with 33% discont) it increase to 14 with 33%, now it's 19 with 33%. If I purchase this then iit was 10 I could not download it anymore since the price dont stop to increase.

oh glad to know, I'm trying to learn something, I have a example to show.

The circle is moving at 360, and the ice is making a something like a 7, how I would make it only move up and down? I tried to look but I dont understand what's the option for make they move like this

Hello, I'm planing to get this before the offer expires, but I've got a question, im learning using it from the demo, what's the diference between the demo and the full version?

Hi, you plan to update this pack and add more skill cards?

please, make them 32x32 or higher, I will buy it

2D World Creator community · Created a new topic Art?

Hello, is the art for map making free?

what's the size for the shield? I can resize it too(without losing a lot quality)?

they come in png file type?

is there any food sprite that I could look?

They look big! It can fit 32x32 style too?

you should make a top-down version too :/