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At the door

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Hey, this seems to be really good and interesting so far! I really wanna see how it keeps going!

Nice and funny short game, had a lot of fun but also got a bit frustrating at times, or maybe I'm just dumb, anyway it was great!

This game is very good! I have too much fun :)

Really liked this! It was pretty nicely written and the atmosphere was awesome. Definitely enjoyed it, amazing first game!

This was such a fun game, seriously, loved every minute of it and luckily it seems I picked all the right options first time, anyway each ending was great! Great atmosphere too, both before and after Talaiporia was "summoned"!

Pretty good and enjoyable, I wish I knew what those morse code calls mean though..

Yeah I noticed! I'll be sure to check them out!

this game was great! it looks pretty cute and the fact that it actually hides sinister stuff, along with the fact everything's clay really reminds me of Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared and whether you got the inspiration from it or not I loved it anyway! it was sort of a challenge to me and I had a great time playing it!

I really enjoyed your game! It was pretty good and the visuals and sounds really add to the atmosphere of the story, I haven't checked yet (I will check after I comment this) but I would love to see more stuff like this from you if you haven't done more and plan to do so, I like the way you developed the story and I always look forward for a nice visual novel, loved the characters too!

Nice! I played the prequel and had a lot of fun, and this one was great too! Would love to see more of this sort of stuff around here.

Hey, really liked your game, it was pretty different than what I've seen, and the stories of each character were really good, the music really adds to the atmosphere, and the art too, it's really cool and I can't really tell from who but it reminds me of the artstyle of a painter I can't remember now. Anyway, it was really good and the concept was great, really liked the third painting, glad you added that scary factor, the monster was cool too.

Nice game, definitely wasn't expecting the ending, I honestly though it was going to be just a nice forest builder game lol

I loved this game, really cute, seriously. Though it maybe took me a little more than it should have took me to get it right, but that's just cause I'm a little dumb

It was really good and creepy, nice game. Loved the PSX style, very well done!

just turn the opposite way you were going and start walking the other way.