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asylum grandad

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My p.c isnt supposed to play vr games either it has only a gtx745 graphics card which is way below VR STandards But but i can play windows VR games through steam vr when connected to my quest if you have any questions feel free to ask

hi im asylum grandad ive found an easier way to play virtually any windows compatible VR games on my quest it involves a program that you can try for free called Riftcat 2.0 the free version only gives you 10 minutes of play but it worked so well that i bought  the full version which is around £20 for unlimited game play.if you have any questions on how to sideload apps straight into your oculus i can do that too with the free program Sidequest that also lets you install some free stuff straight to your quest as well as mods , games and apps for example if you have beat saber there is a whole section of mods for it  .You can attempt to sideload any Apk files to your quest with sideload with varying results it isnt hard to do and if you need any info follow me and message me back i can give you a list of the apk's that i downloaded that work fine but i know there will be plenty more apk's that DO work smash hit works and so does please do not touch anything  and i can teach you how to mod your beat saber to play custom songs too .i hope you reply i spent a while thinking what to write to you any questions you have on where to get these programs or apks and i will answer asap o.k thx and bye good luck with your quest. If you like ill give you my quest name and you can add me to your friends list 

yeah i got it to work on quest using Riftcat 2.0 connecting to steam vr then launching the game riftcat has a free 10 min trial period that you can restart over and over .If you actually buy riftcat 2.0 you get unlimited playtime and can play almost any vr game on the quest after a little bit of sideloading which is is fully explained on the rift cat website ,And no i dont work or am gaining anything from saying this.But riftcat works very well with quest and you dont even have to side load your vr games as long as they play in steam vr mode :) oh and by the way this intelligent ai game is the bees knees keep up the great work i hope to see this project fruit into something absolutely fantastic and im sure it will

This game does look amazing keep up the good work and if you ever need a student to help im always available 24/7 but have only 2d point and click game building skills and i know no programming language but am very willing and i'd like to think intelligent enough to learn quite fast