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A Swan

A member registered Dec 09, 2018

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Wish I had a windows 😢. Looks Awesome!

okay let me try again lol I thought there was a bug or something :)

nevermind I figured it out sorry 😂 

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I was just wondering if there will be a theme and, if so, when will it be announced so i can start brainstorming. Thanks!

i tried pressing j and k but nothings happening...

Thanks ill take a look! I think ill do another one with the same topic but maybe add a prize. :]

Share with your friends everyone! If we could get this jam Featured It would be Awesome!!!

Anyone Have any Questions?

I really like the design!!! I do think it would make it more challenging if you couldn't fly but it's a fun mechanic in the game! Overall I really liked it!

Hmm it worked on my computer maybe my Phone was Just acting weird XD

I think it expired again it won’t let me joins nd says “This link has expired” 

-Thank you

If you guys have any Questions Just Ask!

Don't forget to share with Friends! (The more people the better ;)