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I like it a lot so far but a "help" feauture would be nice to know how to progress  through the story ; the models need some rework but overall the game is pretty cute . Can't wait for the next public release ( as I can't afford being a patron for now ) ; I would have liked some loli-like content but I understand why you may not feel like putting it in the game so it's daijobu.   = u =)b

Tried it just now and I love it, can't wait to see how it will evolve <3

Some things I'd like to see are :

1.  an option to remove clothing / having a girl lift up her skirt and maybe stop in front of a locker after you pulled her in enough times to show that she actually enjoys it and wants more 

2. maybe more animations options ( still depending on how many times you pulled a character in ) including different kinks ( breasts groping , maybe butt stuff.. ? Idk, you are the developer   >//u//>;  ) 

3. more girl types obv ~

I actually like the fact it's pretty casual and allows you to have this much freedom , perfect lewd easy going game.  ^ - ^