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Thank you so much, i'm glad you like it! <3

Thank you so much, I'm extremely glad that you enjoyed this little game! It really means a lot that you found it charming and relaxing - it's what I tried to convey and I'm happy you felt that way! Thank you again!

This is so useful, thank you very much!!

Thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Especially if the memory mechanic is not something you usually like, I'm happy that I managed to make it so it wasn't hard or annoying. 

I'm also happy you replayed it and got the achievements! Having a game that it's interesting to reaplay was really important to me!

Thank you again for your review!

This world you created is so eerie, and lonely, i'm mesmerized by its athmosphere. And what a touching, somewhat philosophical story. Noah journey is very intimate and I enjoyed immensely walking with him, even though the ending is heartbreaking. 
Amazing job, thank you for sharing it!

This is a really really interesting premise, you have a nice narrative flow and you gave so much life to you characters, it's easy to like them from the get go. Loved the interactions between the MC and Geno.

The only thing I feel like suggesting is maybe push a bit more the interactive aspect of it, maybe plitting the text in smaller segments with simple choices/inputs between them to engage the player more!

But the narrative as I said is really good, I'll look forward to what you'll do with this project!

so simple and so creepy!! love the detail of having your other arm trembling, it added so much more discomfort! Amazing job!!

what a delightful story! and i love the quack effect!

Thank you!! The fanny pack is maybe my favourite clothes option, so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And to know you stick with it until you got all the endings, it makes me so happy!
And making friends with robots should always be possible in every game, if you ask me u.u

This game is so impactful in its simplicity, I go to a lot of cons, both in cosplay and out of it, and I can totally relate to the situation you portaited here. I got a little emotional too, when the show creator asked for a picture with the protagonist.

Really good game, love the memory card mechanic and the style is so very cute! Amazing work!

my, this is so creepy and disturbing and i love it a lot! It's really intruguing, I'll be waiting for more info on this! 

Also, I really like your pixel work, there's something unsettling yet very good about those cats (foxes?)

This is insanely fun!! Great idea and amazing execution! It felt so good having my sister doing the dishes while I got to play games!!

So good! The art style is so nice, and the music is really relaxing! I found the story and the setting very intriguing too! And all the character are so charming, really an amazing work!

FINISHED! Thank you again for the tip! And I have to say, the last animations are really amazing and haunting and gory and I absolutely loved them. This game is really cool and i loved your narrative so much! Great work!

oooh that's clever! I'll do it and finish my playthrough then, thank you for your reply!

Non mi stancherò mai di sentirgli dire "Cafone"

totally didn't expected the ending, so funny! this game gave me nostalgia feelings and a sudden crave for chocolate chips cookies, also i'm absolutely in love with your pixel style. Awesome job!

at one point i had 3 coffee brakes one right after the other and THAT'S what i call office life realism. Cute game, love the style and for some reason i really like pouring coffee

Burned the little people in only 7 steps, I call it a success. Love the talking book!

The most accurate dream analysis i have ever seen, and i agree that me and Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, would look very good together

Got to dance with Russeau and made Kant jealous, 10/10 game! Amazing job, every dialogue option had me laugh, and the art is so good! 

Hi! love the atmosphere and absolutely adore the pixel style and the animations! I got stuck at the fridge door puzzle, i don't get how to open it! i saw the note in the typewriter and i recognise a weeping guitar (like the beatles song) as the second button, but i can't open the door, would love a little help!