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Yep this has been fixed and will be present in the new update

Artist are working on the artwork for their scenes now that we're done remastering all of the character sprites.

Slowly but surely improving everything about the game so be sure to check us out every now and then!

We don't have a new artist for the project yet, we're currently talking to a few of them. Right now our biggest issue is funding, once we have the funds available again we will begin work on this title once again.

I have been in the talks with a few artist. Currently right now our biggest issue is funding which we are trying to solve. Once funding is no longer an issues this project will be brought back to life.

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Hey everyone!

I'm opening a discussion because I want some thoughts and opinions about Monster XXXperiment and wanted to hear some of all of your possible ideas about the future of the game.

As of this update there isn't nearly as many game breaking bugs as we had a 9 months ago, the character artwork is currently getting remastered, but theres one thing left that's still bugging me and that's the gameplay.

For some time now I felt as though the gameplay is boring and repetitive which Is true there isn't much "Management" in our management game but I have been discussion with my secondary programmer to possible address that issues.


One thing we talked about adding is Quest/Bounties which would be called "Research Findings" what this would do is have a list of unlockables that the player could unlock by playing around with the Kin's environment settings, giving them different diets, possibly buying new items to use on the Kin etc. Unlocking a research finding would have a scene for that specific finding and Karen giving the player bonus pay for the discovery.


Another we've talked about is starting to add the Town. We discussed separating funding from the player's actual paycheck allowing the player to spend their hard earned cash from work. Buying gifts or going on dates with your Favorite Kin, taking part in activities such as betting and gambling, etc.

Active Management

We've also talked about making changes to how management is done adding more layers to it so you all the players feel more in control when tending to Kin. We've talked about possibly having a Kitchen Staff that you would use funding to teach them new styles of cooking for the Kin's diet instead of having all of the options immediately available. We talked about maybe instead of having the room fully built the room only has a base form and then through finding out what the Kin likes the player can request that certain items or decorations is added to the room. Stuff along these lines.

Want to hear from you

Monster XXXperiment is as much you all's game as it is ours and we don't want to take major steps in trying to change that game if you all like it for what it is right now. Currently I feel as though we're losing room to expand and that now may be the time to start expanding and trying experimental features out to see what would be best for the project.

To ease any minds we will also be continuing our current workflow but we planned to release this new experimental Monster XXXperiment to Nebula Tier and above supporters to play first and foremost to gather feedback before releasing on Itch.

Thank you so much for supporting Monster XXXperiment!

The Discussion is also taking place in Discord if you all would like to join and discuss there.

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The 4th Kin isn't released yet. Since you've purchased the game once the next Kin becomes available you will be able to update the game to play the new content. We're working on the next set of Kin now. 

Yes we did posting delay devlog right now

A small emergency occurred which caused me to be unable to release the update last Friday. I'm back in the office now trying to get everything sorted so that we can release soon. Sorry for any delays.

1.6 is the current version 1.7 is the version coming out tomorrow as long as no delays occur


those are the only available Kin at the moment. Next version we're adding a pop up letting you know when you have gotten to the end of the current in game content while we work on the next update.

Sevros doesn't care about lightning his eyes allows him to see in any level of lighting

The correct lighting pop-up has been added and will be functional next update :3

And I can make that change for the ask conversation easy thank you for the feedback!

thanks for report!

Not yet



Why you typing in an age below 18 👀

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Already Planned, jut be patient our games soundtrack is custom made so new songs will be added as they become available.

Can you email me with the email account used to buy the game so I can check If the transaction went through.

No plans to include character customization in the future. To be able to have artwork for the game we need to have the player character to have a defined appearance. A vessel for the player to be able to experience the game and story with. We'll more so be striving for creating a gameplay experience that's unique for each player through the Kin selection.

Same amount as public, the difference is the paid version gets the new sex scenes 2 months early

They don't have one yet, we add the CG's the month after the Kin has been released

Unicode error you can just ignore and the game is fine

This is the game's random event system we just introduced this patch. The Kin randomly start conversations with you the player at times.

Sevros doesn't care about how bright or dim the lights are. He states it in his initial dialogue about it.

Right now it's not possible to be the top until we create a character that the mc takes more charge over.

Save files from older versions of the game do not work after adding all of the new features this update.

The full game is available after paying $5 on Itch or paying $5 on Patreon

We will eventually do a steam release once we're closer to the game being completed!

Putting In an age younger than 18 crashes the game on purpose

Are you sure you didn't accidentally play the public version? The full version should have Alek's full sex scene available

The answer is most likely yes

Unfortunately but rejoice! After this update saves should work going forward for quite some time! As long as we didn't mess something up again that requires us to change the baseline code.

there will be a gallery implemented in a future update. The gui for the gallery is already complete so it's just a matter of implementing it eventually 

There will be eventually some Kin where the Player character takes a dominant role In the sex scenes. Yeah unfortunately we can't have a choice for all scenes that would just be a bit to much to handle unless are team were to grow and we get more funding.

Did you purchase the game?

Paying on will give you the full version. The reason It's crashing Is because current the game Is trying to check for the next Kin to give you for leveling up but the next Kin doesn't actually exist. I'm working on fixing this bug right now and hoping to have a patch out before the end of the weekend.

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The new content Is the CG's and all other changes is stated In the change log and it's been stated that until the gameplay overhaul Is complete  old saves will not work only saves from the current version will.