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Loved the game, loved the atmosphere, the story and gameplay elements. The style is amasing - a little bit cute, a little bit spooky, just what the game like this needs. The characters are fun, that's also important. I'd love to play something similar! Also, I recorded a video, it's in Russian.

Очень понравилась игра, стиль, атмосфера, сюжет и т.д. Записал видео на русском:

I liked it, very much. I think you captured the analog horror aesthetics perfectly! Most of the time very spooky, somewhat funny in a couple moments. I made a video, it's in Russian.

Очень понравилось, записал видео на русском. Запилил русские субтитры для всего, что говорят, разбавил всё своими неуместными шутками:

I loved the game! You nailed the sence of urgency throwing the player into action just after running exe. I especially liked the designs of the main character's space suit and the ship. Now I want the full action-adventure game about astronauts exploring unknown planets and getting themselves into troubles)) I recorded a video, it's in Russian.

Игра очень понравилась, записал видео на русском:

I looove the feel and the stile of the game! It looks like something I need in my life. A little dissapointed that there is not a single fight in the demo (although I could punch things, my punches were useless and there weren't any enemies), but I'm still very excited for the game now! I recorded a video, it's in Russian

Игра крайне понравилась, жду полной версии. Записал видео на русском

Thank you! I'll download the new version today or tomorrow)

It's a very good short horror. I very much enjoyed playing it. The story was intriguing, though the sinister cults are a little bit of a cliche now. I recorded a video, it's in Russian

Игра очень понравилась, записал видео на русском

Liked the game very much. The platforming section was a little confusing, but I still had a lot of fun playing. Also loved the music. Very excited to play the continuation of the story! I recorded the video, it's in Russian.

Игра очень понравилась, записал видео на русском:

Don't be sorry, I'm good at breaking games)) I downloaded it today and then downloaded again when the problem is appeared, to be sure that the file saved correctly. The other game from Itch that I downloaded today works fine, so it's not a download process problem

In the menu it's just a black background and when I select "Play game" the screen just goes black and all the sound stops. It's both on 32bit and 64bit (I have 64bit Win7). Does the game have some additional requirements?

I loved the game, it feels like a hidden gem that should be more popular but not enough people seen it. I wasn't been able to kill any of the deer demons and died of my own stupidity a couple times, but the game was fun! Recorded a video a couple weeks ago, forgot to post here. It's in Russian

Игра очень понравилась, жаль что она так малоизвестна. Видео на русском

Good to hear) I wish you to successfully fix and inprove the game

Very liked the visuals, the music and the whole vibe of the game. Encountered a couple bugs (because I'm sometimes good at breaking games), but they are not critical. I recorded a video, it's in Russian

Игра понравилась, записал видео на русском

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If you're still looking into it, I think it would be nice to have the options to change the screen resolution and to play in windowed mode. If you don't mind adding these options, of course - I do not insist, just a suggestion. Still very excited to experience the game when you add a setting for motion blur!

Thank you)

It crashed when I tried to change options to "low" in hope of disabling motion blur (because it makes me physically sick) and now it says "come back tomorrow". I think something's wrong...

Thank you again for the game! For some reason I didn't see your reply earlier

I liked the game very much. It's not very difficult at all, I beat it on the third try, died both times due to the time limit, not because of the monster. I was very impressed how much work you put into writing all these SCP-like documents only for us to don't read them at all and rush the redacting)) I recorded the video of me playing the game. The video is in Russian.

Очень понравилась игра, не буду повторять то, что я написал на английском. Вот видео:

Liked the idea of the drowned city and was intrigued why it's happened. Monsters are really spooky, as well as the atmosphere. I recorded a playthrough in Russian language.

Крутая атмосфера и монстры. Моё прохождение на русском языке:

Loved the atmosphere and overall visual design. Also liked the idea of going around and playing music. And music is beautiful! I recorded a playthrough in Russian language.

Игра очень понравилась, атмосферная и жуткая. Прохождение на русском:

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This was very, very good! I really liked the game, it reminded me of first Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil games. I want to see the continuation of the story, very intrigued what happened to this underwater base and who is that girl on the survailence camera monitor who is seemingly unaffected by whatever infected the hasmat dudes. Also, nice dance in credits)) I recorded playthrough, but it's in Russian.

Очень понравилось, не хочу повторять, что я написал на английском. Вот прохождение на русском: