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I love all the games of this company! I liked the mechanic, music and the story. It's beautiful and deep as always! Love ya :>

I liked the artstyle and design very much!!! 


Good enging: marriage

And so what?

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I don't really like games like this (i mean games about strange-weird-thing), but this one is deep


Мне не особо нравятся такие игры как эти, в смысле психоделический сюр, но это совсем другое дело. Очень советую поиграть

Amazing expirience of sadest game. I hope you are better now <3

I like your games serif_! Your games are awesome, because they make people FEEL like the main character. I faced verbal abused and this game is so accurate. I played your game "3 minute walk" and it's also very accurate. Thank you for your masterpieces! <3

I played this game before on Y8 and i'm happy to see it here, in cuz NOSTALGIA. Game's so accurate, i felt that anxiety

Didn't help(


Help i'm stuck in the "rotate your gaze" thing. What should I click/do?

Sweet game, i liked it!

I don't get it

I've crushed in Jun and Collector omg the collector kiss was so cute i died

I though that i'd never play doom or games like this, cuz i don't like all the stuff about demons, moncters etc. but after playing this game i liked both Poom and Doom. Gotta play Doom someday. Thanks a lot


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just shoot (left mouse click) and mouse will work

"well done" thanks. appreciate it

Thanks for proving it :)

I can relate. Do you spoke with you friend ever again?

I remembered my best friend when we had a fight for a year and contacted through letters. Now we are talking again (I am grateful to her for not giving up my friendship with me) and this letter almost exactly shows our communication. She lives her life and I --  happy to see a message from her... Thank you for helping me to feel again this amazing sense of hope that I experienced after a year of loneliness

Sweet, but sad. Love your dad people

Dr. Albert's Dream therapy helped me a lot! Before that I was depressed and my whole life was shit, but with therapy I became a  ̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶ ̶e̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ successful person and my life got better!

I am. Always.

too lol. Maybe there's more than just one ending?

me too

This is the most accurate test I have ever taken. I have exactly the same problems with my partner and I noticed that something was wrong in our relationship, but I did not want to admit it. Anyway, this survey and some kind of simulation of our relationship made it clear to me that, (Sweet, but aloof) this is who I am, and I just need to love her more...

I love the game! It's so sweet and, like, real..? I feel the same way, when i'm going on a date with somdebody. Exactly me

It does not download (I tried to download from all links). I play on Windows computer

Я играла в эту игру по рекомендации подруги. Игра коротковата, но сюжет -- прелесть! Очень советую поиграть, чтобы проникнуться историей главной героини Тайм и почему же "Её слёзы были моим светом"?

I played this game on the recommendation of my dearest friend. The game is a bit short, but the plot is lovely! I advise you to play in order to feel the story of the main character -- Time, and why "Her tears were my light"?

Прекрасная игра! Я не думала, что мне понравятся игры с таким сюжетом, но отношения персонажей заслуживают похвалы! Они такие милые пирожочки!

Great game! I didn't think I'd enjoy games with a story like this, but the character relationships are awesome! They are such cuty pies!

OMG I played this game in my phone and I CRIED SO MUCH. So cute, I can't believe, that I found this game again

And I will eat another

This story and dog are SOO CUTE I CAN'T
I wish I had a dog too
#LoveDogs <3

Short game, but i really liked the atmosphere and graphics. It scared me and forced to love this masterpiece

I liked it

Very short game, and the gameplay was horribly bad.

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Weird game. Didn't like it. But songs are good

Очень интересная и оригинальная игра)
Голос актёра озвучки (Спасибо Кароян Эварду) очень подошёл. Графика, правда, заезженная, но для игры Людум Дэйр вполне хороша