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I am suuuuuuper excited for this adorably amazing game! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the full release. If this gets done in time for my bday in decemeber I know what I am doing on my vacation!

Once i get paid next week I will gladly pay to play this game. What an amazing way to bring a piece of history to life for all to see. If more people did this with tales from our past,from loved ones who survived traumatic and major events in history, imagine how many more people would be interested in learning about the past so we can ensure it doesn't happen again in the future.

Just finished the game and I got my man, solved the murder and gained my freedom! I loved this little game. Like everyone else my only complaint is it is too short. I feel there should have been more between Fabius and the MC and i would love to see those two in their own little home together.

Again great work! I usually do not like Bara games as they are too overly muscled and look odd. But these men were perfect and it wasn't too over the top and the story was interesting (I am a sucker for murder mysteries).

When I saw what this was I will admit I laughed a little. Not because it was stupid but because someone manged to make, as my boyfriend put it, what happens when Gordon Ramsay makes a D&D campaign. I forced my DM of a BF to do this with me and i had a ball. It is so random and I love it. The recipe seems worth the try as well. Great job with uploading this lighthearted D&D session. I hope you make more.

Please tell me this game is going to get a part two or completed in the near future? I loved this little demo and i want to play more of this!