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this looks Amazing!

Id pay money for this

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Ooooo i cant wait to play this Update

a bit of a bop

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The graphics and sound are great! had a fun time with this.

WhoobaDe Do:

Beta Version: 00

Did you enjoy the Game?


Should Hit and First Aid be changed to be unique for every hero?


Rate the following 1 - 5:


First Aid: 3

Insight: 4

Topsy-Turvy: 4

Burning blood:

Iron Platelets: 5

Music 1 Pre fight: 2

Music 2 Fight Victory: 1

Music 3 Bad Guy: 3

Music 4: To Be continued: 4

Overall Sound: 3

Blue's Char Art: 5 

Red's Char Art:  2

Green's Char Art: 4

White's Char Art: 3

Overall Art: 4

Blue's Char Writing:  5

Red's Char Writing: 4

Green's Char Writing: 5

White's Char Writing: 4

Overall Writing: 4.5

For bug reports please describe the circumstance leading up to the bug, and a screenshot or recording of the bug.

the game would tell me someone is downed then let me use their cards. 

while that was happening characters that were alive I couldn't select

BY far my favorite game. plays splendidly, has a Lil bit of replayability
looks great and sounds great 10/10 :D

haha yeah i ended up spending a lot of time on other things soo I didn't get around to finishing it 

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7* :>

This is Awesome!. Sorry you missed the GB compo :/

the atmosphere you got here is amazing and the sprite work is top-notch.
Combats SImple it's not too crazy mostly just trail and error.

overall i enjoyed it :>

yeah, the falling leaves do put a strain on the whole game ill try to optimize. I honestly wasn't sure how it would run on the game boy ill look into the leaves and probably disable them for a bit

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Smooth controls, fun gameplay and looks amazing.
if this was a full game id buy it

I love the color palette used.
graphics are sexy and controls feel tight and responsive

simple but fun gameplay with Awesome sprite work 

whelp that's an easy 10/10


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what if we miss 5-6 days?

Amazing Job! At times things feel a bit slippery (that might just be because the monsters don't stop moving to attack or that the player keeps moving when attack)  but its really awesome what you have here. attacks are fun to use Animations are Freaking amazing. excited to see what you do  :)

hehe no problem

ill leave this here

It Is!

You would have to ask LazyDev about that. I did all the art and Lazy did all the scripting :D

Haunting-Testing community · Created a new topic Thoughts

feel Free to post your thoughts and opinions here 

can we upload projects currently being worked on?

currently i dont have my itch account set up for transactions :X whana just gift me something idk via steam or itch?

fun hide and seek game with decapitated people

mystery of the Decapitated Child.

Sorry that got really dark. i like this a lot lol. cute fun . its a bit unclear at times where things go of if they go anywhere at all

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welp its a platformer where your a skull
songs nice platforming's Challenging ...... really Challenging at times


This Reminds me Of an Nes Game and i love it


Visually I love The Little Details Of the Plants. Backgrounds and tiles look Great!

The Sound is Vary Atmospheric Freaking sick ending piece 

The game looks sounds great cant wait to see how it plays    3.0 !!!!!!

thanks. and yeah there's still a lot of kinks to work out. and the game is vary Hard. there are items that end up making the player really strong so i tried to make the Enemies a lil stronger.  i may add a difficulty setting  or something idk

lol collect gems fight the boss get items. vary bare bones ill add more hopefully latter on. graphics yeah they are a bit Distracting

oh shit that might be a problem on my end