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I really love the mood in this and the escalating sense of HORROR. Fix bugs plz

I like this, it's a novel version of Wordle that's well-implemented. Thanks

I really enjoyed this! I think the writing was excellent, very suspenseful. The drawings were great and the use of music was very effective. Good job!

I think this is a very promising start to the game. It's an effective, if condensed ghost story!

I thought the sound design was particularly good!

Haha! It's still unclear to me why I put an openable door into the skybox :D

Thanks for the comments.

HORRORJAM community · Created a new topic Congratulations!

Congrats to everyone who submitted a game for the jam! I'm looking forward to playing them all.

After far too much procrastinating I've finally got the dithering working in-engine!

I was confused for the longest time because most of the writing on the subject that I could find was as clear as mud. Lots of formulae thrown around without any explanation and ominous warnings about how 'you can't do this'. So, instead of trying to copy code I didn't understand, I broke the process down into smaller steps and added them to the screen shader one at a time.

All of these steps use a 16x1 pixel texture as the palette:

  1. Create a luminance-based quantizer using the first part of this shader. This just arranges all the colours from darkest to brightest and bands them together based on their relative brightness. This gives us bad colour reproduction and bad value error.
  2. Now have each pixel choose it's nearest colour in the palette instead grouping them by luminance. In my case this means for-looping over the 16 colours. This turns the 1D colour space of the first step into a 3D colour space. This gives us better colour reproduction but still with bad value error.
  3. Add tromero's dithering matrix as a noise texture over the whole image before quantising. The noise randomly pushes some amount of pixels out their bin and into a nearby one. The shader is now a slow and bloated ordered ditherer. The colour reproduction is good and the value error is low.

At this point I was sure I'd have to come up with a step 4, since applying 1D noise on to a 3D colour space was bound to harm the colour reproduction, but it actually looks good! There is some weird fringing going on around the edges and the image is very noisy but I quite like how that looks for a horror game.

So that's it, a big long technical post. Hopefully next time I can talk about actually putting some game into my game.

Can't believe you didn't tag P**, W** and B*m. Already flaunting the rules.

That depends on how difficult the latter is :D

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So the first real progress has been made on THE PHOTOCOPIER today (title all-caps status: pending).

Making a fully 3D game inside of a few weeks is going to mean cutting corners. Since I'm aiming for horror anyway, I can have my cake and eat it by adopting a low-fi style a la Return of the Obra Dinn. I've done a bit of research and it seems like what I want is possible but it'd be really ugly... which is perfect! It's horror game after all.

So today I put together a test scene in Blender and set about decimating it with dithering and blowing out the colours. I think the result looks radical and it's been a big boost to my confidence. I particularly like how there's weird purple banding in the sky.

Now I just have to get it into the game engine...


I'm astrangefool and I thought I'd make this thread so people can say hello and pitch ideas!

I'm working on a traditional 'walk around a dark place' game which I've decided to call THE PHOTOCOPIER, because it sounds weird. I'm hoping to make my first 3D game and also implement something akin to The Return of the Obra Dinn's dithered palette style. Is that too ambitious? Yes. Am I already way behind schedule? Also yes!

Good luck, folks! :D

That's unfortunate, I don't really have a way to test a MacOS system. The game was compiled through Godot exporter so it was a bit of a gamble. If I can find out what the problem is I'll update the page.

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Inside the observatory you'll need to use a word from your notebook on something. You can still take new notes too. It's the thing most people get stuck on! Hopefully that helps.

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It's not a clue in that you can't write it down. But it is a hint for the player.

Thanks so much!

Abandoned Bog is brilliant, it's kind of weird but it was the most fun I had in all the game jam.


This is a really clever puzzle game and I'd love to play a version where you've had the chance to create some really devious levels! Great job!

This game is so smooth and looks great, it looks just like an old-school platformer from an alternate dimension!

This is a really clever interpretation of the title and the artwork is super cute! Great job.

(It is REALLY diffcult, though :P)

The pixel art is really cute. Good job on finishing your game!


This is an interesting take on a shootemup, I like the wrinkle of having to manage two types of weapon. Good job!

This game completely encapsulates the title 'Cliffs of Balloon', I fully enjoyed from beginning to end! Good job!

Also, the pixel art balloon was cute.

This is a solid entry for the game jam. I think it could do with some more UI as at points I couldn't tell what effect I was having on the enemy tanks. Good job on the entry!

The two title screens looked really cool. I hope I get to play the full game!

This is a really solid idea that I'd like to see fleshed out into a full game.

This is about as difficult as wrangling space cows would actually be! You 100% met the brief and the particle effect look great! Good job.

The pixel artwork in this is gorgeous. The bird looks so goooood.

I did immediately get stuck in a small box, unfortunately. But good job for getting this entered into the jam!

This is very funny and gruesome, and you definitely made a game that fits the title. Great job!

This is my favourite game of the jam! I didn't expect to see a game set in a cranberry field, good job on making a really interesting interpretation of the title.

I think the adventure game system for the house part is impressive and I'd like to see another game making use of it.


This is a near-perfect game! It gives you exactly what it advertises and I think the idea of the only enemy being just two ducks is really funny.

I did get a runtime error where the game seemed to be trying to index a duck that didn't exist?

Good job on the entry!

This is easily the most striking looking entry I've played in the game jam. Good job!

Bad luck not finishing for the deadline, I hope you try again next time!

I loved playing that from beginning to end! A tidy little game jam game. Good job!

Good job on getting this in under the deadline. It's fun to play, good game!

It's a real thinker, this one. The card game itself is really clever and interesting, and the presentation is slick. I don't really think this incorporates the 'Spire' aspect much, but the game is solid and I had fun playing it.

Good game.

This is dope! I love the presentation and the idea of a shoot-em-up where you have a weird goose-neck is really funny! Great game, great job!

This is the most unique experience I've had playing the games in this jam so far. Good job!

This is a really clever puzzle game, there's a lot to coordinate and I think that the countdown clock at the top should at least start with more time whilst the player learns the ropes.

Good game!