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Oh my god. Do you have any IDEA how long I've been trying to find something like this? 5 whole years! And the fact you're still working on it shows that you're not gonna abandon this like other projects and programs I've tried out. God bless you man, and kudos to ya.

30 minutes well spent, I'd say! But I won't say it, because it was positively doofy. Loved it a bunch though!

Ah yes, I'm glad my "completely red room with no doors or windows with a happy Freddy-Freaker posing Oney smack dab in the middle of it" fantasy could be fulfilled once and for all.

I Feel Fantastic community · Created a new topic It was fun
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Didn't really think that video would really provide inspiration for a video game, but here we are. I liked it, even though you can't do much but spin her hands like pinwheels and make them move all around. It was entertaining and I wasted about 30 minutes on it. Send help.

Her voice is more soothing here than it is on the original video, so thanks for that.

10/10 would hey hey hey again

Gooooooood shit