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maybe I just can’t find them, but is there a list of keyboard shortcuts?

I know I can use F1 to bring up labels, but both the readme and in game doesn’t seem to show which is which.

Would like to bind it for steam deck 

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I assume if I purchase on itch, I will also receive the same updates (to the VR specific version) as I would via your patreon? IE buy this once and no updates hidden behind another paywall? 

I also agree a height adjust/ world scale adjust would be nice. Maybe a one time popup showing controls, or just a help poster on a wall. 

Any chance you would update this for GBSTUDIO 3.03?

this is great! Any chance of uploading the unreal engine files? Could be a basis for a lot of other fan remakes of other games, if you’re interested.

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The art is super cute!
I like it! Some recommendations

Allow the arrow keys to be used for movement as well.
Add a volume slider.

It seems harder than it should be to jump straight up and down on a spring.

Super cool. Really like the plane sprites