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3rd One

This game is awesome.

Ходят слухи что есть секретное оружие надо ввести где обновление описано iseegold без пробелов и тогда появится золотой ключ!!!!!!

I was very impressed by this game. Here's my game expirience and some other stuff was i found most interesting.

This is my new video!

Soon you will see my review for this game. Now you could check it out!

Perfect game for ppl who want to lead evil's army but do not have one IRL xD

Lovely game!

Thank you for game. It was fun!

I have found your game and was very curious about it. So i have made let's play. I hope you will enjoy it.

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number 1

part number 2

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check it out! Good luck!

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Hi everyone. Check out this video!

Всем привет. Специально для всех наших! Подписывайтесь!

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Hi everyone!
Check out my new video!

Link for video -

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Check out my gameplay!