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boy i played this for the first time sometime after it came out in 2017 and i LOVED it. i'd never played anything like it and the worldbuilding and all the little details intrigued me like nothing else. about a month after i'd saved this to my laptop my computer fried itself and i lost it, and i went for about three years still thinking about this game but i could never quite remember the name. which, with this being a small indie project, was gonna be hard to find. it took me like a solid week early this year but i got it eventually! 

if this single game is good enough to make me think about it for three and a half years after i first played it then that should be a good enough indicator for anyone skimming through the reviews rn. super cool game even with the occasional bug, intrigued me enough to go through the rest of the page's games to see what was up with this universe. just a shame it doesn't have more recognition :)

super well made! gave me sympathy anxiety because im not a very fast typer, but me slamming on my keyboard in tune with the dissonant waww cover was super immersive in how it sort of made me feel like i was the one singing lmao.