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"Just dudes being bros" jsjsjsjs 🤭😂 I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN with this game! 💖 And it is cute and it was just what I needed without me knowing it.

I don't know if this is spoilery, but it reminded me of those reddit posts where men have a sudden identity crisis and find out they like (or are in love with) another guy xD


About Lawrence, his growth as a character feels organic after what happened in Quaint. Like, he gradually got aware that the problem wasn't Milo but his own upbringing and started rebelling against his family. Also, in Quaint there was already a hint (if I recall correctly) that Lawrence did truly like Milo as they were but felt pressured to force them to be one specific gender, behind his own internalized homophobia and transphobia. I guess getting to know Q was the trigger he needed to realize all of this.

I'm glad he's in a new stage in his life with more awareness, and it would be fantastic to continue watching him as he developes and matures.

As a fun note, I found him relatable xDDD I was like "Lawrence, dude, bro, pal, you are spiraling out of control with your thoughts. That's very me."

You are teasing me now 😏 But I'll bite 😂

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You both make me want to play the game again 😂🥰💖

Ending A 🥰💖 Just beautiful, I love them.

Everyone is hot in this game 😭💖

Am I allowed to hate Ava? 😅 I can't stand her attitude.

ªªªªª 💖💖💖

Congrats for the engagement!!!💖

(I'm still at the beginning of the game) I'm... surprised, I guess 😂 I don't know how Yuuta can understand what Toge says. This is hilarious. And awesome. And cute!

I'll write you as soon as I'm able to! And yes, I meant the last two frames 🥰

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Honestly? I can't decide! I'm a sucker for happy endings, and A ending is really sweet 💖But the S ending asdghjfh... I didn't expect that, I mean, kinda? but not that character growth from a certain someone (I was like Q, it all felt like a beautiful dream) and OMG cats!!!, but at the same time is bittersweet because of the other character... you know. It's hard talking without spoilers 😅 Though it seems I still have two images locked in the gallery from that ending, which makes me believe there's more content there I haven't seen.

About the story as a whole, now that I digested everything, I have a couple of minor concerns about a plot point and June, but even so if I could I would donate more and vote more than 5 stars because I think this game deserves it. I really want to thank you!

Edit: there are some bugs too, mostly at the end, but I just click on "ignore" and that's it, they are not a nuisance.

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I think you have broken me with the S Ending 🤯😵BTW, I don't know how to get the B Ending, I'll wait for the endings guide 🥰 EDIT: nevermind, I got it!

Wren: "tactical gear, huh?"

Q: "😳D-Don't judge!!👉🏼👈🏼"

xDDDDDDD This game is gold 💖💖💖

The update is just GOLD, and I'm more in love with Artemis than ever!

I finished part 2... 😱It got dark! I'm feeling a lot of things right now and I have to properly digest everything, it was a rollercoaster. I can't wait for part 3!!! And aren't Milo the sweetest??? ^^

It won't, I promise

Hi! Hum, actually, I felt ashamed that I hadn't played part 2 until now, and now that part 3 release is nearer I am. Just a couple of minutes in and I am like "Wait, what T is saying sounds familiar, apart from being a big red flag...". It turns out T reminds me of my ex from 6-7 years ago 💀 I too was said that I wasn't appealing, and yet... nvm. I'll keep you posted if you want, this game is an exciting experience and I love its story, music, art... Thank you for making it!


ªªªªªªª (internal screaming) 💖

💖💖💖 I'm more than happy to try this extended version!!! Thank you! *hugs*

I loved it very much!

Well said 💖

I loved it! And the conclusion I take from the game is that the gay agenda consists of shipping gays!


Then I can't wait! 💖💖💖

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I didn't download it because of the drama genre, but if it was a light-hearted GL then I'd try it for sure!

Edit: of course, this doesn't have to condition what you create, I think it's more important that you enjoy creating what you want and, with time, the game will find its recipient group, if that makes sense.

I loved it! It was... realistic and relatable, I know anxiety well. At first I kept getting the neutral end no matter what I did xD And I thought I was making good choices. Then I got the two bad ends and, finally, the best end. I don't even know how I did it, to be honest 😅 And thanks to another comment I got to see the bonus content xDDD I almost missed it. Thank you for bringing us this game 💖

Oh wow! I played the demo, loved it and was waiting for the full game. Thank you so much!!! <3

This was a cute game and now I'm in love with Darius (despite me being vegan and not wanting to approach a fish shop hahaha). 💖 Thank you for bringing it to us for free

Me encanta que os hayáis tomado el tiempo en escribir todo esto porque aporta mucho insight al proceso de desarrollo de un videojuego (que no es fácil) y a todos los esfuerzos que hay detrás. Gracias 🥰 Os admiro y os deseo lo mejor para éste y futuros proyectos.

Just: 💖💖💖 for you. ^_^

OH. MY. GOD. This game touched all the strings in my heart 😭💖 I love it! It's just perfect. Also, the detail of the red string in the main menu to access the next story is beautiful and caught me by surprise.

I want them to reunite! 😭💖

Thank you for fixing it ^_^ 

Now the issue I have is that I cannot read the entirety of the NTPD report 😅 So, if there's anything else to search in that, I'm not able to access it and I tried moving the report up but there's a limit. I'm sorry, I keep bothering you.

It doesn't work, it says there's a file missing.

I genuinely think this game is *excellent*! I've had a lot of fun playing it and solving the mystery ^_^

Yo no estoy llorando, tú estás llorando😭😭😭 (Muy buen juego)

I've played this now and I totally agree

OMG, there were puzzles that I thought I wouldn't be able to solve by myself😅 But I did it! Thank you for making this game, it was awesome!

This was really fun! 😁 I'm ashamed to tell that I got stuck with the Otto puzzle longer than I expected, though 😅 But thankfully I ended up resolving it.