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thank you! <3

thank you so much! ;v; i wish you the best of luck in real life too <3

thank you <3 ;v; 

thank you so much!! <333 ;v;

i'm really glad you enjoyed it anyway! <3 

oh nooo i hope this game provided some kind of solace at least ;v; we're all in this together! this game was actually me dreaming as well ahaha. she rejected me soon after i made this, but i'm glad my experience has resonated with so many people <3

you are so sweet omg!! ;w; thank you so much for your kind words <3

thank you so much!! ahaha it's a cute rage game because we couldn't figure out how to balance the neighbor with the tools we were given. thank you so much for making a video of you playing our game!! it was hilarious, we loved it so much :D

Thank you very much!! <3

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!! ;v; <33

Hello! The game loads fine for me on Google Chrome and Firefox, could you explain what issue you faced and what browser you used? :> Thank you so much for the heads up though! <33

I'm so glad it could bring back feelings of nostalgia! It's such an important game to me, so it makes me happy to hear that other people can relate to my experiences. I'll definitely be making more LGBTQ+ games in the future! <3

This means so much to me! ;v; <3 Thank you!

thank you so much <3